Playboy Gold Slots

Every real gambler dreams of hitting Vegas sometime. Poker, slots, any sort of sin under the sun. The shining lights, the Vegas Strip and the dream of stepping into a casino and leaving with lots of cash, a pretty dame on your arm and the feeling of triumph course through your veins. Of course, Vegas is expensive, and for that reason, slot developers have been very good at exporting that feeling of big wins and triumph to the comfort of our homes with their games. But if you’re the sort of jack who wants the pretty dames as well as the big wins, the Microgaming’s release has you covered. It offers a huge 6x10 playing field with 100 paylines, jumbo blocks in which you can see the four playboy bunnies that star in this slot and the promise of lots and lots of bonuses. Jumbo blocks can reward multipliers, cash prizes and re-spins if they land in full during base spins. Alongside that, winning three Scatters can take you to a lucky wheel, which has a few bonuses of its own to offer.

How to Play

The developers went for a one size fits all approach to the user interface, with very minute changes between mobile and desktop. This has some advantages, as you won’t have to figure out any differences when you switch between platforms and decide one works better over the other. On the desktop version, at least, it makes some menus annoying to navigate, which is a minor distraction. Graphically, there’s nothing intensive going on. You have various chips, some of which can join up to form mega blocks, each giving you one of four different girls. And if you can’t wait, there’s two actively showing off on either side of the reel while you play. As for gameplay, Playboy Gold bets big on its features to carry it forward. The second to fifth reel always spin together, which allows the mega symbols to appear. The fun thing about the mega symbols is that they pay regardless of whether there’s any other connecting icon. They’re not as common as we’d like them to be, part of which is no doubt due to the fact they can award some of the bonuses in the title. If you have a bit of patience to tackle these bunnies, you’ll find a low volatility title, all things considered. There’s some wins to be found, but none of them are particularly mind-blowing.

Betting Options and Payout

You can play Playboy Gold for as little as $0.50 up to a whopping $500 per spin. The low volatility certainly doesn’t stop Microgaming from going for as big of an audience as possible, and if you have a brand name like Playboy attached to your game, we can hardly say that we blame them. If it weren’t for the huge 100 reel playing field, we’d almost be tempted to say the slot was designed with beginners in mind. Lots of different features, low volatility so your losses and wins aren’t too big and the prospect of seeing lots of gorgeous women while you’re spinning. If you’re hoping for life-changing wins, you probably won’t find them in this Microgaming release. But you will find a relatively fun time.

Symbols and Extra Features

A few poker card symbols carried over such as clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds, but like everything else, they’re glimmering with expensive gemstones. You also have silver and gold Playboy chips, alongside four differently coloured bunnies that expand into gorgeous girls when they appear as mega symbols. Winning three special red Playboy chips on the reels at the same time makes you eligible for several special features. It takes you to a wheel that allows you to test your luck. Cash prizes up to 100x your wager, a match bonus or free spins. Match bonus has you picking through cards to find a matching pair, with each pair having an associated cash prize. The longer it takes you to match a pair, the larger multiplier you get, up to 10x. However, if you match a pair in less than two picks, you win all the cash prizes. As for free spins, they aren’t so exciting. You’re rewarded with ten free spins and there’s a guarantee of a mega symbol appearing in the middle reel on every spin.

Our Verdict

Its low volatility stops it from shining bright, but the experience of meeting and playing with the famous Playboy bunnies is one few men will be able to resist. Despite the 100 reels, it isn’t as foreign as you might imagine it would be and the special features are also things you have likely seen elsewhere. We had some fun with Playboy Gold, but it relies on brand name more than gameplay to attract its fans.
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$0.01 - $1.00
Max Bet:
100,000 coins