Mystery Joker 6000 Slots

When it comes to 3-reeled slots, it’s not often that we see ones that really stand out to us. Over the years, five reel games have evolved and expanded into a myriad of special features, different gameplay mechanics and various shifts in how they are played, while three reel slots seem to have stayed in their comfort zone, appealing to the nostalgia of older days, offering few bonuses and sticking to a more physical machine look. And while Mystery Joker 6000 doesn’t move away from this entirely, it does bring with it something new and fun that we quite enjoyed. This Play'n GO release incorporates a new mechanic that breaks up the regular pace of gameplay, and really makes you think just how greedy you’re willing to let yourself be. All set on a 3x3 playing field with 5 fixed paylines, with re-spins, mystery wheels, and super meters to help guide you to the path of big wins.

How to Play

The graphics in this game aren’t amazing, but they do their part rather well. Both from the title and first glance, it’s clear that Mystery Joker 6000 is going for a feel of being in front of a physical machine, and just about everything about this title evokes it. The odd, upbeat music that purposefully sounds artificial, the various fruit symbols that helped slots earn the name fruit machine in the UK, and the general UI set up all work towards that goal. It isn’t the first and we doubt it will be the last three-reel game that does this, but while it may not win points on its theme being original, the visuals are neat, and if you enjoy that sort of style, you’ll like this too. The gameplay is what really makes this Play’n GO release appeal to us. While you have regular 3x3 gameplay, once you win a certain amount, you can choose to transfer that win into the super meter, or you can collect and pocket it. The super meter makes the appearance of the mystery wheel more likely, but each spin with it has to be played at double your wager. The result is that any win you get is also doubled as a result, but you can only play this mode with what you win, instead of using your pocket money. It makes for a fun experience, as it forces you to choose whether you’ve had enough and it’s time to pocket, or to keep going further and further and losing that big win you’ve just got. It’s a smart system, and it keeps you invested.

Betting Options and Payout

You have a rather wide range of betting options, from as little as $0.01 up to $10 per spin, which covers a good variety of gamblers who want to give this a try. Mystery Joker 6000 shows that even a high volatility title doesn’t necessarily have to leave you grinding for days in order to get something good out of it – it just needs to deviously get you to keep spending more in favour of bigger rewards. After all, that 6,000 coin jackpot isn’t going to win itself, and that spin button is looking mighty enticing.

Symbols and Extra Features

There’s really not much to talk about when it comes to symbols. As Play’n GO’s release aims to emulate physical machines, it’s no surprise you’ll find reels full of various fruits, like cherries, watermelons, grapes and lemons, alongside bells, stars and lucky sevens. What makes this slot really fun however, is the Mystery Wheel and the Joker symbol. For two Joker icons, you get a re-spin, and for three, you get a single spin on the Mystery Wheel. However, if you’re playing on the super meter, you need only two Jokers to get a single spin, and three Jokers give you three spins of the Mystery Wheel. The Mystery Wheel is a random pick of cash prizes, and the easiest way to get to that juicy 6000 coin jackpot that the title boasts about.

Our Verdict

We quite enjoyed our time with this Play’n GO release, even if it isn’t quite our usual fare. The super meter and Mystery Wheel both go a long way at keeping greed high, and one too many times have we been tempted to spend more than we wanted by the promise of more. And while that can feel bad, the moments where you pile on additional wins and collect a massive prize makes it all feel worth it.
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Game Details
Play'n Go
Release Date:
Scatter Symbol:
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Bonus Game:
Free Spins:
Coin Range:
$0.01 - $10.00
Max Bet:
239,750 coins