Mighty Arthur Slots

When it comes to mythical heroes of the old, none are more recognizable than King Arthur. A man who has supposedly driven back the invaders, united the English, a common man raised up by a higher destiny after he raised a sword no one else ever could. His legend has been told many times over, and now, Quickspin are putting their own story for this famous myth as you traverse through their newest release. Mighty Arthur offers gamblers 5 reels and 20 paylines, in which the real star of the show are not Scatters, but Wilds. Both King Arthur, and his trusted advisor, Merlin, are expanding Wilds which are more or less guaranteed to bring some fantastic wins to players lucky enough to see them appear. But if royalty does not shine down upon you, don’t worry – because there are still free spins waiting to bestow their prizes upon you.

How to Play

The general look and feel of the title is quite well done. The slot has some really good animations for Arthur’s appearance when his expanding Wild is activated, and Merlin doesn’t lag too far behind, either. The rest don’t have a lot of visual flair, but they do look good. The art style is solid, something you might expect to see from an animated movie about medieval history. Up until the point where you’d see poker card symbols and wonder if card games were popular in the ye olde days. That said, the user interface is standard for Quickspin, which is easy to view and get around with, so we have no complaints. Except maybe adjust the colour to fit a bit more rather than being strong orange. On the gameplay side of things, Mighty Arthur is about as high volatility as they come. While a lot of slots deal with the idea of chasing special features to turn a profit, here, we found that any sizeable win, which wouldn’t go wasted in the next ten or twenty spins, requires you to have some extraordinary luck, and combine the various bonuses into a single, giant win that’s worthy of a news article or three on humongous wins. If you’re the sort of person to whom that appeals to, then Quickspin have you covered – but make sure you have plenty of bank to keep throwing at the problem.

Betting Options and Payout

You can choose to play for $0.20 at a minimum up to $100 at maximum per each spin. This gives a good coverage for both lower end gamblers and high rollers who like to spend lots on their favourite hobby. That said, the prizes, while certainly looking attractive, are a bit tough to get. A lot of dead spins and minor wins means that most payment will go through special features, or the occasional five of a kind win. It certainly lives up to its high volatility design that the developers wanted it to.

Symbols and Extra Features

We like the unique symbols that are present. All of them look good, and help distinguish the title – if we saw them somewhere else, we’d be able to point to them and say where they’re from. The inclusion of poker card icons dilutes this somewhat in our mind – it adds a somewhat cheap, generic taste to something we quite liked, so we have to take away points for that. As for the bonuses, there are several. The first is a regular free spins one, in which you collect three Scatters on the first, third and fifth reel all at once, which rewards you with ten extra turns. No multipliers or retriggers. The other bonuses include expanding Wilds, of which there are two. The first is King Arthur, who only appears on the reel three. He’s a 3x1 symbol that expands into adjacent reels, creating a giant Wild that just leaves out the first and fifth reel. On top of that, we have Merlin, who is also a 3x1 symbol. However, he can appear on all the reels and even during free spins. He generates additional two to six Wilds on the playing field.

Our Verdict

The gameplay is fun, but the journey to a satisfying win is tedious. The graphics are great, but the presence of poker card symbols ruins the allure of it. It seems every good part has a negative, but it is important to stress this is a very high volatility game. If you plan on giving it a try yourself, keep that in mind – out of all the Englishmen, only one man became King Arthur. Your odds are about the same.
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$0.01 - $5.00
Max Bet:
75,000 coins