Fortunes of Asgard Slots

Over the years and many renditions and takes across movies, video games and slots, we’ve been led to believe that the Norse gods were quintessential badasses that spent their free time beating each other up, pausing only to beat up others when they suggested that maybe they should tone down the beating up of each other. Strong, distant, perfection that should be striven towards – the people of old valued these things, and so they shaped their gods accordingly. Of course, the old times are gone. The future is now, and now? Now we’re stuck with Thor that looks like a young dad in his early thirties looking like he’d like to invite you for a barbecue, and Hellia that looks like she’d be working as a clerk behind some desk, if it weren’t for the fact she was very much so purple. Still, there’s still some implied conflict between these two softened versions of Norse gods in Fortunes of Asgard. It offers a 5x3 playing field and 20 paylines, the ability to choose between Hellia and Thor as a patron deity, a Pick Bonus feature, and finally, a free spins bonus.

How to Play

As you might have gotten the hint from the intro, we’re not big fans of this rendition of Asgard. The graphics aren’t bad, mind you. The beautiful skyline and the floating fortress that is Asgard look gorgeous, and the user interface is clearly laid out with everything clearly labelled out – which patron deity you’re pledged to, the amount you’ve bet, the whole thing. There’s even some awesome animations tied with the special features themselves. No, our gripe is specifically with how the gods themselves look. Less like gruff Norse warriors and more like cartoon characters. There’s a decent amount going on for gameplay that we’re willing to overlook this, however. Fortunes of Asgard allows you to pick between your patron deity, which will either be Thor or Hellia. Depending on that choice, you are given access to a minor feature. If the Thor symbol lands next to his Mjolnir Hammer, and you’ve chosen Thor as your patron deity, it will create vertical Wild where Thor used to be. Likewise, if a magical book lands next to Hellia and you’ve picked her as your patron deity, then the Hellia icon will turn Wild and will remain in place for one additional spin.

Betting Options and Payout

You can play Fortunes of Asgard for as little as $0.20 up to $10 per spin, dictated by the fixed 20 paylines the game gives you. The medium variance means that you’ll have a balanced mixture of smaller scores and bigger wins and the plentiful features give you lots of room to achieve those results. The small features we mentioned above play some part in it, but the biggest earners are the World Tree Bonus and the free spins, both of which can net some amazing profits if you’re lucky enough to get them. The game’s RTP is 96.1% and the biggest win you can get is 6265.5x your stake.

Symbols and Extra Features

The symbols were the underwhelming part of this game for us. The design of Thor and Hellia were quite a let down by themselves, but despite the game being about the fortunes of Asgard, there’s little in ways of actual fortunes. You can find Hellia’s book and Thor’s hammer, the two deities themselves, as well as a wooden shield, but those are all the unique symbols, while everything else is filled by playing card symbols – 10, J, Q, K and A. Finally, we reach the part we’ve all been waiting for us – the special features. Both are activated by separate Scatters. Winning three bonus Scatters will reward the World Tree Bonus, which looks gorgeous, but boils down to clicking different galaxies to uncover cash prizes. Winning three or more regular Scatters, instead, rewards you with 10, 15 or 25 free spins. During free spins, both Thor and Hellia’s minor features are active.

Our Verdict

Despite our dislike for the symbols and the design of the gods, there’s no denying everything else is top notch. You have good graphics, the gameplay is made interesting with the inclusion of many special features, and there are plenty of ways to walk home with big jackpots lining your pockets.
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