Coins of Egypt Slots

When it comes to mythology, nobody beats Egypt on brand recognition. Norse mythology began being more popular, especially after Marvel movies introduced Thor and Loki to the masses, and Greek mythology has always been a part of the western world – but the Egyptian always stood out from all others, with their deities, mummies and pharaohs that saw world-wide popularity. Movies, TV shows and books still borrow heavily from stories told by the ancient Egyptians, and there’s certainly at least one horror movie featuring a mummy every year. If you want a theme that the most amount of people will recognize and enjoy, you go for ancient Egyptian mythology – and that’s exactly what NetEnt have done with their latest title, Coins of Egypt, which delves into the familiar setting, and heavily shows off two very influential deities of the Egyptian pantheon – Horus, god of the sky, and Anubis, god of the dead.

How to Play

While NetEnt always seems to make some great looking games, Coins of Egypt takes the take in how impressive and gorgeous it looks, even at first glance. The camera is set much lower to the reels than usual, and thanks to the large staircase, you gain the feeling of being small compared to the massive statues off to the side, and the large stone block on which the reels are situated. The cloudy sky overhears moves with the powerful wind, and you can see it forcing the palm trees to the left of the reels to bend slightly from its force. All of these details, with minor animations, are what set NetEnt’s graphics apart from their competition. The music also fits the ancient, mysterious vibe the title is trying to go for. The user interface of this slot is the standard black and white one used by NetEnt, with no additional bells or whistles attached. It’s a missed opportunity, certainly, but it’s hardly a deal-breaker. The game is played on a 5x3 playing field with 20 fixed paylines, which only pay left to right. Gamblers cannot turn some of these paylines off in order to lower their wagers. The title offers its players low to medium variance gameplay, meaning that you have semi-frequent wins that pay decently, though not as frequently as a proper low variance game.

Betting Options and Payout

Gamblers can bet between $0.20 up to $200 per spin by increasing their bet level and the coin value. This is a standard betting range for NetEnt’s titles, and the large choice offered here means most players will be able to find the bet level they’re comfortable with, from casual players to more serious high rollers. The RTP for slot is 96.97%, which is above average for video slots.

Symbols and Extra Features

Symbols include five different types of scarab beetles, scorpions, and gods Anubis, Wadjet, Bastet and Isis. Special symbols include a golden fly as the Wild symbol and special pharaoh coins used for a feature. An elaborate golden mechanism is used for Scatter. In the base game, between one to three coins can appear, rewarding between 2x to 15x the bet on the first, second or third reel. Coins are collected and added to any prizes you’ve won from a winning combination on that spin. Collecting three Scatters on the first, third and fifth reel rewards the free spins bonus. There are three chests available, which can only be opened by collecting chest seals. Only one chest seal can be picked up during free spins, and once three identical chest seals are collected from the fifth reel, the free spins end. The amount of coins collected during this feature is stored into these three chests – and part of it is paid out once one of the chests is unlocked.

Our Verdict

It’s certainly on the lower side of volatility, which may not work that well for players who are hoping to land a giant jackpot and win big using it. That said, it’s without doubt one of the most visually impressive titles NetEnt has put forward. The special features seem a bit confusing at first, but once you grasp them, they’re simple. It’s almost perfect – but even almost perfect is amazing when it comes from NetEnt.
Game Details
Release Date:
Scatter Symbol:
Wild Symbol:
Bonus Game:
Free Spins:
Coin Range:
$0.01 - $1.00
Max Bet:
600,000 coins