Bollywood Story Slots

Indian movies don’t see the same mass appeal as Hollywood ones do, despite the country having long since overtaken the United States depending on how many movies it produces. Part of that is simply owed to the massive influence Hollywood wields – the other is simply owed to the fact that most of the world speaks English and English movies have an easier time reaching overseas than movies in any other languages. It would be foolish to pass up the influence of Bollywood, however. Most of its successful, commercial movies are musicals, having very catchy song and dance numbers within the movie itself, which ended up bleeding over to Hollywood. So if you need someone to blame for the endless stream of musicals in the early 2000s, you know who to blame. Bollywood movies also tend to follow melodramatic themes, such as star-crossed lovers and angry parents. We’re certain you can see where some of the influence is coming from when it comes to this slot.

How to Play

Knowing as we do, the NetEnt release seems rather fitting for its title. It really is just another Bollywood Story, following the template which so many successful Indian movies set forward. The backdrop of a static, traditional Indian building is quite gorgeous and the reels themselves play nicely into the role. NetEnt have also wisely chosen to leave out their traditional green colour from the user interface, letting its gold and black colour mesh nicely with the backdrop and the reels themselves. Everything is clearly labelled and easy to access, bringing the level of polish we’ve come to expect from NetEnt. On the gameplay side of things, Bollywood Story chooses to do one thing and do it really well. Gamblers won’t have to worry about overload of special features, as there are only two on offer here. The presence of Floating Wilds makes for a huge difference, as they’ve often saved plenty of spins for us, but many others still failed, so don’t expect them to come up so often. The free spins bonus is, by proxy, quite harder to activate, but its reward is also far more valuable if you succeed in triggering it. With a medium volatility, it won’t be that difficult to activate the features, though it might still take some time.

Betting Options and Payout

You can play NetEnt’s release for as little as $0.09 up to $90 per spin, which is owed to the title’s fixed 9 paylines. The highest possible win you can draw from this slot is a 1,000 coin win, which isn’t bad, but it’s certainly far from the highest score we’ve seen in games made by NetEnt. The title has a 96.1% RTP, which is somewhere above average for most slots.

Symbols and Extra Features

The symbols are somewhat of a mixed bag. Naturally, we dislike the presence of poker card symbols like 10, J, Q, K and A, though we’ll admit we like how the artists managed to style them slightly. Alongside them you have the gorgeous portraits of the angry mother and father, as well as the two young lovers, all four dressed in traditional Indian garb. The final symbol is simply the title’s logo. The free spins bonus is activated by winning three, four or five Scatters, which rewards ten, twenty or thirty free spins, with the possibility of winning more by scoring additional Scatters. Alongside this bonus, players will also experience Floating Wilds, which randomly select between two to four places on the reels and transform them into Wilds for a single turn, before their position changes on the next spin. This number increases to between 3 and 6 during free spins.

Our Verdict

The visuals may not be as eye-catching as NetEnt usually tends to go for, but Bollywood Story still manages to look quite nice. We found the gameplay engaging and interesting, if a bit stale at a few times. The RTP is solid, but the pays could use a slight boost in our opinion. All things considered a solid entry by NetEnt.
Game Details
Release Date:
Scatter Symbol:
Wild Symbol:
Bonus Game:
Free Spins:
Coin Range:
$0.01 - $1.00
Max Bet:
90,000 coins