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Solo was a debit card launched in 1997 in the UK. It was a sister card to the then-Switch, the modern-day Maestro. The multi-functional card was used for online payments, including online casino deposits. Safe and reliable, Solo card was one of the top choices for UK citizens, including minors who could acquire the card even if they were not of legal age. Adults who owned Solo cards used them for gambling deposits which lasted longer than usual but were fiercely protected via advanced fraud prevention systems. The card was discontinued in 2011.

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Top Solo Casinos

Editor’s Note: Solo has been discontinued.

More About Deposting Funds at Online Casinos using a Solo Card

In the UK, there are well over 7 million Solo card users so it is clear to see why it is an option that casino sites will be interested in. With a market share of this size, it is inevitable that a good proportion of these players will enjoy casino games and it makes sense to be available to this group. Anyone using a Solo card knows that they are afforded protection but they also know that they have a great range of online casino games to look forward to playing.

There are plenty of different casino sites providing this banking option. This is a casino site with a strong reputation for enjoyable games across the full range of casino options. No matter what type of casino game you enjoy playing, this will be a site that has everything you could need.

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