Wins of Fortune Slots

It’s rare that we can say we had so much fun in a slot. In an era where they’re mostly been boiled down into a science, all the special features and beautiful graphics in the world doesn’t always stop us from approaching everything with a cynical tone. Wins of Fortune took us by surprise, as the Quickspin June release offered a very simple concept on paper. Start off with a smaller reel, chain wins which expand the playing field, and go from 76 paylines up to 259, chaining re-spins and small wins into a bigger score by the end of it all. While not without its flaws, we were captivated at how the graphics, gameplay and theme all came together to leave us spinning for hours on end enthralled by what we were seeing.

How to Play

It’s not even that the graphics are next gen or realistic. But the fact it feels fast and responsive really helps sell it. The smooth animations and the reels moving to the right and expanding as they do really helps sell the idea that winds are blowing you into richer pastures, as symbols chain together with a visible glow. If there’s one thing we’d have liked to see, is that the same smooth motions were implemented when the progress resets, as if the winds were blowing you back to the starting point if you didn’t manage to grab another win and re-spin. Wins of Fortune boasts a 96.54% RTP, and it is one of the few games which we can say we honestly believe that number. It foregoes free spins, Scatters and multipliers in favour of keeping the core loop of re-spins and constant small wins a thing. It works amazingly well with the visuals, showing that Quickspin can still bring the heat. We can firmly plant it in the low to medium variance camp, as most other slots by the same developers, and gamblers who enjoy that will find a lot to like in this game.

Betting Options and Payout

The progressive jackpot is also one of those things that Wins of Fortune doesn’t burden itself with, and we’re glad they didn’t implement it and use it as an excuse to lower the RTP. The thrill of constant wins chaining off one another is amazing, and no doubt a core reason why so many slots have implemented rolling reels after seeing their success. Instead of replacing the winning icons, this game keeps them in place and replaces everything around them in a re-spin, which looks and feels awesome as new symbols can fall in line and expand the win you already had if you’re lucky enough. You can play it for $0.20 up to $100, just by setting the cash value in the total bet tab. We have to admire the user interface not trying to pull the wool over your eyes and masking how much you’re losing per spin by using a hybrid of coins and cash values, which is always a plus in Quickspin’s book as far as we’re concerned. Gamblers should be rather satisfied with the betting options in general, as they will be able to cover most gamblers’ needs.

Symbols and Extra Features

You can find a myriad of different coloured gemstones and the four characters from the old Chinese tale ‘Journey to the West’, which features the monk Xuanzang, Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, Zhu Baije, the Monk Pig, and ShāWùjìng, also known as Sandy or Friar Sand in the English translations. Considering you’re following winds across a distant land, these four seem like a fitting choice, while also appealing to the growing Chinese market. Rather than using regular special features, the big appeal of Wins of Fortune is that each win warrants a re-spin. When a re-spin occurs, the reels grow slightly, the winning combination sticks on the playing field, while all icons around them change. This goes on for four turns, after which a super re-spin happens. Now, with all paylines unlocked, the re-spins keep happening so long as new wins occur. If no new wins occur, the last win is triggered again, and the special feature ends.

Our Verdict

The lower paytable and absence of many bonuses will certainly draw off a few, but this slot is one of the Quickspin’s best in our opinion. If you enjoy low to medium variance games that focus heavily on one mechanic and making it work like a dream, you’re in for a treat with Wins of Fortune. If luck is on your side, you can walk away with a lot more than what you came in, but like real life riches, it trickles in over time, rather than getting a big win all at once. We warmly recommend giving it a spin or two. It’s worth it.
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Game Details
Release Date:
June 2017
Scatter Symbol:
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Bonus Game:
Free Spins:
Coin Range:
$0.20 - $100.00
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