Vampire The Masquerade Las Vegas Slots

It’s not too often we get to tackle a video game inspiring a slot release. Video games are certainly not things for little kids anymore, given that they earned $108.4 billion in 2017. After seeing those numbers, it is only natural more people want a piece of the pie, and so we’re seeing a tie-in title for a video game. Vampire: the Masquerade actually started off as a tabletop RPG and expanded heavily since its first edition release in 1991, although a big part of its popularity was Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, a video game that reached nearly cult status, allowing you to immerse yourself into the world, pick between the various breeds of vampire, and live through the experience of being one. The slot doesn’t offer you that sort of experience, but it does let you take a trip to a rainy Las Vegas, a portrayal so rarely depicted it might be the first time. The core gameplay loop revolves around collecting Vampire and Prey symbols, which reward blood and discipline. These resources are used in your special features.

How to Play

The game itself was developed by Foxium and published by Microgaming, and as such, has a unique interface compared to in-house Microgaming slots. This isn’t a bad thing, mind you. Everything is clearly laid out, and the only thing that really rubs us the wrong way is the bright green colour that clashes with everything else. Otherwise, we like the graphics. The tracker for your discipline and bloods are two vials off to the side of the reels, slowly filling as more vampires and prey appear on the reels. On the gameplay side of things, it offers gamblers a medium volatility. The RTP, however, is nowhere to be found, so that is either an oversight on the parts of the developers, or a red flag that the title might not be the best thing for your wallet. However, in our experience, the special features usually balance out with the losses you have during regular spins, and the meter fills out quickly enough that it doesn’t cause a problem with limiting the flow of gameplay, so you’re never stuck with one thing for too long, helping to prolong the enjoyment you will have with the title.

Betting Options and Payout

You can wager between $0.20 up to $4.00 with each spin, with no variation allowed as you have 20 fixed paylines. The largest scores you can pull off in Vampire: The Masquerade come from bonuses, which is no surprise, but the way Foxium goes about making it happen is interesting. You can get your multiplier up relatively high, up to 6x the wager, but during free spins, all the payouts are substantially lowered, which incentivizes gamblers to get as many wins as possible with that huge multiplier. This is something that caused mix reactions for us, personally. The second bonus is just a point-and-click game, and is much more standard in what it rewards – cash prizes, as well as a 50x win if you manage to reach the end while making all the right picks.

Symbols and Extra Features

The various filler symbols you see on the screen depict the aftermath of what happens in the point-and-click adventure, as well as the several symbols of various Vampire clans that exist in the universe of this game. But if you’re wondering exactly what happens in that bonus game, well, we won’t spoil too much. Once you find three Scatters across the reel, the point and click game starts. It depicts our vampire approaching his prey and wooing her into joining him somewhere isolated. We’ll save you the details on how he does this to experience for yourself, but in each turn, you pick between five cards. Provided you make the right pick each time, you succeed, and get a 50x bonus on top of everything. Free spins, on the other hand, activate when either the left or right meter are filled up, so you’re guaranteed to have maximum free spins, or maximum multiplier, depending on which one fills up first. In addition to this, at the start of every set of extra turns, one of three disciplines will be chosen. Dominate will allow the Prey symbol to appear on the rightmost reel, before it transforms into Wilds. The Prey icon can also duplicate up to four times, so you could end up with a reel full of Wilds. Fortitude discipline will place between one to six Wilds in random positions for each free spin. Presence discipline will place four Wilds at random positions at the start of the feature. Each time the reels spin, the Wilds move, guaranteeing there are always four present on the reels for the duration of the bonus.

Our Verdict

When it’s all said and done, Vampire: The Masquerade is an awesome experience that does its best to fit with its RPG roots. If you’re a long term fan of the series, Las Vegas doesn’t have that much story to lure you in, although a brief look into how vampires do their hunting is always something to behold. If you’re brand new, it’ll prove an interesting game to play, though we have to be a little bit cautious, given that there is no RTP available for the title. Overall, a solid title from Foxium and Microgaming.
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30,000 coins