The Slotfather Slots

You’ve been made an offer you cannot refuse. There’s a whole down out there rich for the taking, and the Slotfather wants your skills and loyalty by his side. Join the ranks of the mafia and ascend the ranks in this classic release by Betsoft. This game came out in 2009, and it is hard to believe it has been nearly 10 years since its original release. It has seen some revitalisation when the developers ported it to mobile devices as well, and a lot of players still come back to give it a few spins every now and then. Bold in some areas, but failing in others, let’s take a look at this classic and see how it holds up to modern standards.

How to Play

Despite being as aged as it is, the slot still has its timeless charm that persists throughout the ages. The art style helps to keep it from looking too dated, and some animations clearly aged better than others, as you will notice when any of the characters in the game start talking to you. Still, the mafia aesthetic is so well done for its time, nothing has come close since then. And while gameplay might seem standard at first, you quickly pick up Betsoft wanted to experiment with the title. The lack of Wilds is immediately noticeable, as is the higher number of special features added to make up for it. Multipliers, instant cash wins, different underboss Scatters, and a bonus round offered by the Slotfather himself? It was quite different at the time, and we aren’t certain if many other developers had the guts to remove Wilds from their slots since. And while some things change, some things stay the same. Revisiting the game, we find that the developers haven’t made much progress since 2009 in terms of the Autoplay option. You can adjust your coin value, bet per line and number of lines straight from the menu, which is a nice touch, and the number of spins you want.

Betting Options and Payout

One of the major criticisms the Slotfather faced at its release and which still holds up all this time later is that the slot just didn’t pay well enough. It’s difficult to enjoy when the wins are lacklustre, and while they can temporarily set you back into a plus, they just aren’t exciting to win. The numbers are stacked against you so even when you win, you won’t walk out with a lot more than what you came in with. That said, you have a large betting range that goes from $0.02 up to $75, which should appease most players. The flexible paylines help bring the total cost down, but in the end, betting less here only helps to accentuate the low earning problem.

Symbols and Extra Features

It speaks lengths how much Betsoft wanted to make sure this release was successful with the polish given to the icons. Newspapers, cigars, a map of Italy, a plate of spaghetti, a tommy gun, the Slotfather’s hand, a glass of wine, a car, a briefcase full of money, as well as the three underbosses that work underneath the head of the family. Each of these comes with its own animation as well for that extra bit of flavour! Going against the usual line of making Wilds mandatory, the game chose to abandon them in favour of different bonuses. It had a multiplier and an instant cash special feature, activated by pairing two different icons together. For an instant win, pair Sammy with a briefcase, and for the multipliers, pair up Frankie with a tommy gun. Finally, the underbosses can pair together to form Scatter wins. That said, the wins aren’t exactly encouraging, even on higher bet levels, making them not as appealing to find.

Our Verdict

The Slotfather was a great release for its time. It tried new things, but was brought down by a lack of solid wins to help sell the slot to the masses. Despite this, the unique theme and fun gameplay helped solidify it in the eyes of most, and it still holds a close place in people’s hearts even today. We recommend trying it and seeing if you like it, as it isn’t for everyone.
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Coin Range:
$0.02 - $0.50
Max Bet:
6,000 coins