Stampede Slots

The African savannah calls for those brave enough to venture through it! Its unique climate, a wealth of unique plant and animal life and the general experience of seeing something so different evoke a sense of adventure to it, to travel to a far-away place and see what life is like there. Betsoft seems ambitious in making it come to life in their new slot – Stampede offers gamblers 5 reels and 1024 ways to win. You’ll be meeting some awesome looking animals on your way through, and will encounter Scatters with free spins bonus that can be activated even while the feature itself is triggered, Wilds that can appear with multipliers during the bonus’ duration, the stacked elephant that every so often appears to deliver a chunky win in your fingers, and if you’re feeling particularly lucky, you can bet your win for double or nothing, and watch that number rise up – or lose that hard earned win of yours.

How to Play

Honestly, there isn’t much in terms of visuals that can be talked about. The elephants have a cool animation even when they’re idling on the main screen, but the rest just don’t really feel as expressive. And, in the case of poker card symbols, they just feel somewhat detracting from the experience. A nice, subtle detail they could have done is to have a wind effect run through the backdrop, which, while nicely painted, feels lifeless and static. But while the graphics leave a bit to be desired, the user interface is well done, with everything clearly laid out and labelled, avoiding the issue that some companies have where everything is hidden away in a menu somewhere. The gameplay is rather standard, and mostly revolves around scoring bonuses or getting a good amount of stacked elephants to roll in. The existence of the double-up is a nice way to shake things up, and the somewhat small wins in Stampede really do incentivise you to try and make use of this feature to get it higher. Honestly, it’s about as bog standard as it gets, despite having 1024 ways to win instead of a standard payline setup, so if you’re in the mood for something good that doesn’t break from the mould too much, Stampede’s your game.

Betting Options and Payout

You can bet between $0.80 at the lowest up to a maximum of $200 per spin, which is a massive gap in between. The lowest price point makes it clear that low end gamblers really aren’t the target audience for this one, and it certainly feels that way. The slot can and does make you grind for your wins, but you either spend a lot of time doubling them up or wait until a nice bunch of stacked elephants appear, or you get some good Wild multipliers to go with your free spins special feature. It’s not what we’d call high variance, but it’s a good slot to play if you have a lot of money itching in your wallet and you want to try something to increase it.

Symbols and Extra Features

The symbols range from great to uninspired. The animation on the elephant was already mentioned, but it honestly does feel awesome to look at, and the other animal icons don’t fall behind. They lack animations, but there’s a quiet, dangerous feel to the predators, and that antelope looks like it’s looking for a brawl. That said, the use of poker card symbols ruins it a bit, and while the decorations on them help a bit, it just doesn’t fit in the grand scheme of an expansive savannah. The free spins special feature is activated by getting three or more Scatters on the playing field. Three Scatters net you 8 free spins and a 80x win, four Scatters get you 12 free spins and a 400x win, and the biggest prize of all, five Scatters grant the lucky gambler 20 extra turns and a 800x win. On top of this, you can win additional free spins as Scatters continue to appear during the bonus, and Wilds can bring a 2x or 3x multiplier with them, and those multipliers multiply between themselves as well, up to a maximum of a 27x increase to your win.

Our Verdict

While it has a bit of a build-up and some symbols feel uninspired, the gameplay is smooth, fun, and packs a solid prize at the end if you have enough luck to activate it. Stampede is going to be a game people love or hate, but for us, it was a decent experience, and one we’re hoping we’ll be luckier with on our next go at it.
Game Details
Release Date:
Scatter Symbol:
Wild Symbol:
Bonus Game:
Free Spins:
Coin Range:
$0.02 - $1.00
Max Bet:
769,500 coins