Planet Fortune Slots

When it comes to themes, none seem to get us as excited as retro-futurism ones do. For us, and we imagine a lot of people, it began when the first Alien movie appeared. It was set in the future, but it had a great deal of retro elements, things that people back then thought would carry on forever. This style, how people of older generations imagined the future, is something rarely utilised, which makes it all the more unique when it appears in something like a slot. Planet Fortune is a Play'n GO release with a 5x4 playing field and 40 paylines. Rather than having separate Wilds and Scatters, this game puts them together, which makes its free spins a rather interesting affair! And if that’s not enough for you, there are also mega symbols that can appear as 2x2 or 3x3 icons, and symbols on the second, third and fourth reel appearing in stacks.

How to Play

The visuals are quite decent, and the theme really pulls it forward as to what might otherwise be average graphics. They have some alright animations, and while there are unique symbols, there are also some poker card icons, which is never quite what we like to see. That all said and done, however, it plays fluidly, and we’ve never experienced any slowdown on mobile devices, so it’s obviously doing its job properly. The gameplay side of things is a high variance title reliant on the Robot Revolution free spins bonus. Much like a great deal of high volatility titles, Planet Fortune also keeps the biggest scores hidden behind the luckiest few who can not only make the special feature trigger, but also squeeze it for all it’s worth. The Magnetic Mayhem, which transforms certain symbols into 2x2 and 3x3 versions of themselves, can also net some good wins outside of this.

Betting Options and Payout

You can play this slot for $0.20 up to $100 per each spin, which will no doubt appease a great deal of gamblers except maybe the highest reaches of gamblers who want to bet more than a $100 per turn, and who dream of those multimillion jackpots. Sadly, Planet Fortune doesn’t offer that, but it does have a generous maximum win of 2500x the wager, which should catch your attention whether you’re playing at the minimum bet or if you’re going all the way in an effort to get that quarter million score.

Symbols and Extra Features

As much as the theme helps this game when it comes to standing out, the symbols feel like a step back. Some of them are cool, like the man and woman, who look like they’d be right at home at some futuristic, sci-fi comic from the 1980’s, as well as the rampaging robots. The rest of icons, however, feel uninspired. You have two more crystals as unique icons, which really don’t feel like they belong. And then poker card symbols on top of that hardly help the situation. The free spins special feature is activated when you get three or more Wilds at the same time on the reels. This rewards ten free spins, during which all Wilds remain sticky on the reels, and move once to the left each spin. As you can imagine, this keeps things moving quickly, while at the same time, allowing for some really good combination when the Wilds line up correctly.

Our Verdict

Planet Fortune is quite an enjoyable Play’n GO experience. Their release was a lot of fun to play, and while some gamblers may not appreciate the high volatility, others will no doubt enjoy the chance at 2,500x the stake too much to pass it up. The retro-futuristic theme is rarely used, and it really helps the slot stand out visually, but we can’t help but feel the developers didn’t know what to do with the artstyle, which is why it ended up looking so generic.
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