Mayana Slots

The ancient civilizations of Native Americans continue to capture the imaginations of many to this day. There’s just something mysterious about the people who once inhabited these lands, thrived on them and despite being wiped out by Europeans and their culture, left enough of a mark to still remain at the forefront of so many things. Just the hysteria that came out of the Mayan Calender predicting the end of the world for 2012 is proof enough that even if the culture is dead, it still has long reaching effects on the world of today. And so it’s no surprise to find that slots also find a great deal of inspiration from such places, including Quickspin’s newest release, Mayana. Forgoing silly things like Wilds, Scatters, free spins or, well, a great deal of recognisable and familiar bonuses, this game, instead, features symbols that lock into place, and reels that slowly expand from a 3x3 to a full 5x3, with increasing multipliers.

How to Play

There’s not a lot of visual spectacle when it comes to this slot, but the theme itself doesn’t really encourage much of it. The whole cast of symbols being unique wins over points, certainly, and the design of them being on a stone tablet, unveiling one by one, is really well done. We also like the way the stone lightly shakes the screen as it lifts up, giving the illusion of a weight being lifted upwards. The slow unveiling of additional reels as well as the gentle, brief flash that signifies a win are both great, but there’s not much else in terms of graphics that will impress you. It’s well done, but it won’t be winning any awards anytime soon. The more important part of Mayana is in its gameplay. While the idea itself isn’t unique, it is well executed, if a bit lacking on value. The 3x3 field is very much so hit or miss, as you will either get nothing, or a single three-line win from which you’ll have to start expanding. That said, once the first win is locked in, that same symbol appearing anywhere else on the reels is quickly added into the mix, and if you’re lucky to get them to slowly start unveiling one by one, you can really milk it for all its worth. That said, the highest possible jackpot is just 6x the wager, which would be a disaster if it weren’t for the special features making a play.

Betting Options and Payout

Quickspin was always lenient in letting you choose how much you want to bet, and they make no exception in this slot. You can spin for $0.25 up to $100 each turn, and just how much you’re willing to risk it will really depend on your budget and how lucky you feel. The fact the symbols lock in, means that slowly unveiling a new symbol each re-spin is more efficient than getting two different symbols paying off at once or getting a few at once. However, even with that, the winnings wouldn’t really be able to form a really powerful jackpot, but fortunately, Mayana has the solution for that in the form of a bonus called Mucha Mayana, that can increase the multiplier from 4x to a whopping 20x once the reels have been fully expanded and no more wins can be awarded, making for a big, final score.

Symbols and Extra Features

The symbols are colourful and vibrant, which really helps to set the upbeat tone of Quickspin’s release. The fact they avoided the all too overused poker card icons just adds icing in the cake it that regard. There are no fancy animations included here, which is a bit of a shame, but we doubt Quickspin’s going to be eager to compete against the big guns anytime soon. That said, while both the sticky symbols, re-spins and Mucha Mayana do a lot to help alleviate what would otherwise be a boring game, they don’t really do anything that much different. Mayana follows a relatively strict gaming loop, and there’s not a lot of deviation from it. For players who want more options, it might be a downer, but if you don’t really care that much, it’s still an enjoyable experience.

Our Verdict

Honestly, Mayana was fun for us. It broke off the traditional mould enough for us to enjoy it, and while without a bit of luck you’re going to fall into a deep red minus, a well-placed Mucha Mayana does wonders to pull you into a big plus. It’s a high variance game through and through and if you like that, you’ll love Quickspin’s latest offering.
Game Details
Release Date:
Scatter Symbol:
Wild Symbol:
Bonus Game:
Free Spins:
Coin Range:
$0.25 - $100
Max Bet:
60,000 coins