Lucky U Slots

Some slots are so good, we could talk about them for hours on end. And on the opposite spectrum, you have games which just baffle us. Lucky U leans towards the latter, though it has a few ideas that we’d like to see in the former. It goes to show that even the worst product can teach you something. So take notes, Playtech! Lucky U is played on a 5x3 board with 5 fixed paylines. Available special features include a free spins bonus with a repeating prize. On top of that, each Wild that appears adds an extra free spin. That allows you to prolong the extra turns – and also score additional wins for no cost. Wilds only appear on the second, third and fourth reel.

How to Play

While we’d like to talk about this release and its graphics, we’re not quite sure how. The background image is rather basic, which just screams laziness on the part of the developer. But then you have the reels, which are obviously structured as some kind of machine. It feels like Playtech had a cool idea, but was forced to scrap it midway through. You play Lucky U on a 5-reel board, where each reel is three symbols tall. To win, players have to collect three or more identical icons in adjacent positions, starting from the leftmost reel. All wins must follow one of the currently active paylines or a cash prize won’t be awarded.

Betting Options and Payout

At the very least, setting your total bet is a super-simple affair. All you have to do is click plus or minus on the left side of the reels. You will see the value of your stake change under the Bet section. Keep clicking until you find a wager you’re happy with, and then you’re ready to play. Gamblers can bet between $0.05 and $500 per spin. This slot has a medium variance and an RTP of 96.05%, which is slightly above the current industry average. The biggest prize you can hope to win is worth 500x your total stake and can only be scored during a free spin. It’s not a bad jackpot by itself, but it can hardly compete with other games which offer more lucrative prizes.

Symbols and Extra Features

Honestly, symbol designs feel like a mixture between the lazy, the cool and the outright weird. The playing card royals clearly fall into the lazy category. The bull, lion and Aztec head all look quite cool. And then there’s the pyramid with an eye that we’re pretty sure is trying to steal our soul. If you collect six or more horseshoes in any position, you win 5 free spins. Each horseshoe comes with an attached cash prize. All of these prizes are added together and their sum becomes the repeating prize. At the start of each free spin, the repeating prize is added first and then any additional wins are awarded on top of that. Each star that appears on the board adds an extra free spin. That said, you can’t keep going indefinitely! Eventually, the space of the meter above the reels runs out and free spins end.

Our Verdict

Playtech’s release has dull graphics, a small jackpot and it comes with just 5 paylines. Seriously, 5 paylines on a reel this big? Despite that, experiencing the special feature in all its glory was still worth the trouble. We’d love to see the developers reuse it in a slot that isn’t so awful.
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