Lucha Libre 2 Slots

While the US might like wrestling, nobody loves the sport as much as Mexico. Ever since it was introduced to the country in the early 20th century, wrestling has boomed and become a beast of its own. Colourful masks, rapid sequences of holds and aerial manoeuvres and the popularity of tag team wrestling, usually with three-man teams - it’s all become almost a separate genre in some ways. The masks, in particular, have become a symbol of their own, and losing your mask comes with a lot of weight attached. The point is, wrestling is a big deal in Mexico, so much so that you have extended wrestling families. And given that RTG’s heavy presence in the American market, it’s no surprise they chose to give the luchadores some spotlight. The game is played on a 5x3 playing field with 30 flexible paylines, meaning that gamblers can turn them on and off at will. The RTG release also offers stacked Wilds, multipliers, Scatters, a few different free spins bonuses and the Fists of Fury special features.

How to Play

This slot continues to use the new RTG user interface, which we’re big fans of, as it is a drastic improvement over their previous ones. The visuals are equally interesting, if a bit too aggressively Mexican rather than being focused on the luchadores themselves. Some things are fine, such as the backdrop being a wrestling ring, and some of the higher paying symbols, while with others, it looks like they ran out of time or ideas and didn’t want to put in poker card symbols. On the gameplay side of things, Lucha Libre 2 sticks to relatively familiar grounds for RTG. The special features are varied compared to what they usually are, such as having stacked Wilds which can jump onto neighbouring reels or add a multiplier to any win the Wilds contain. Alongside that, we like the fact you are given different free spins depending on how you tackle the fight. Playing risky means losing out on a multiplier and some Fist of Fury spins, so be careful!

Betting Options and Payout

You can wager between $0.01 up to $30 per spin by increasing your bet line and the amount of active paylines. When it comes to big wins, your best bet is hitting the free spins and going high risk, but you also stand to lose it all. If you’re looking for a more balanced way to try that feature, we recommend going for El Slappa De Papa feature, as it offers a good amount of free spins, triple or double pays depending if you win or lose, and the chance at a single Fist of Fury spin. You can also get some good wins from base game with the Wilds jumping or giving multipliers.

Symbols and Extra Features

As we already mentioned, we feel like RTG ran out of ideas midway through and went with Mexican stuff over Mexican wrestler stuff. So, at first, you have the belt, the cup, a referee, a nerdy fan, and posters and tickets for the fight, but then you get hot sauce bottles, tequila, tacos, and hot peppers. Three or more Scatters wins a cash prize and free spins. You get to pick which free spins bonus you go for by selecting the fight move you attack your opponent with, and depending if you win or lose, you get an additional bonus on top of that. Low Blow rewards 10 free spins and triple or double pays, Slappa De Papa gives eight free spins, triple or double pays, and one Fist of Fury spin, and Supremo Falcon Hail rewards six extra turns with triple or normal pays, and one or two Fist of Fury spins.

Our Verdict

We had fun with Lucha Libre 2 overall. It added some fun mechanics to play around with when it comes to special features, and the jumping wrestlers were always amusing to see. There are some alright wins you can score, but little that’s really life changing when it comes to numbers. If you want to watch Mexican wrestlers duke it out on screen and not worry about losing too much money, give it a spin.
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Game Details
Realtime Gaming
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Coin Range:
$0.01 - $1
Max Bet:
50,000 coins