Golden Colts Slots

Wild West and cowboys are popular enough. Horror movies, dense fog and the thrill and suspense of the unknown are quite popular too. And surprisingly, we haven’t had the satisfaction of seeing these two mixed together until now. From the moment the slot gets launched and you get a nice shot of the foggy, western town in the backdrop, you know there’s something dark going on in this town. The Golden Colts are on the case, however. Of course, no fight against the dark forces of evils is without its price and one of them may find himself succumbing to the dark curse that plagues the land. The slot offers gamblers 5 reels and 40 paylines, as well as the promise of seven different bonuses if you land glowing skull Scatters which appear only on the first, third and fifth reel. The cylinder spins and randomly picks between the bonuses, the best of which is the Most Wanted board which allows you to access the other six on top of cash prizes that can be revealed beneath the posters. That said, all of them are powerful in their own right – perfect for a band of looters looking to make off with everyone’s treasure while there’s a undead curse floating around the land.

How to Play

Credit where it’s due, the visuals in this Play’n Go release are drop-dead gorgeous. All of the human portraits ooze with personality and the animations are crisp and smooth. We particularly enjoy the cylinder spin, which shows you pointing one of the Golden Colt guns as you spin the chamber to see what you win. Each character also has a small animation of their own that they do when they’re part of a winning combination and this is all brought down slightly with the inclusion of poker cards. On the gameplay side of things, this title takes a step back from Imperial Opera. While that title did its best to make sure you had all the bonuses up front to make the normal gameplay more interesting, Golden Colts, instead, focuses squarely on chasing the special features. With there being seven different unlocks, odds are you will need to keep hitting the Scatter unless you get insanely lucky with the Most Wanted posters which allows you, at best, to see five out of the seven special features all at once.

Betting Options and Payout

In fact, from our experience, the Most Wanted posters are hands down the best bonus if you’re looking to make off like a bandit and profit from the whole thing. The slot is purposefully built for such a thing. After all, it allows you to unlock all of the other six bonuses offered by the game, and it has cash prizes on top of that that you can win and take home with you. Other special features are good, but they just don’t match up to the scores you can take away with the posters, except maybe the Ace High gang and the Gunslingers one.

Symbols and Extra Features

The human characters look awesome and their animations are great. The poker card icons, in turn, look somewhat out of place, and don’t really contribute to the action horror atmosphere the slot seems to want to push forward. Considering the leaps Play’n Go have taken to improving their graphics in recent years and the awesome gameplay of their latest releases, we feel it’s a small thing that could help a long way with immersing players who care about that sort of thing. Winning three Scatters at once rewards seven different special features. These are as follows: • Ace High Gang rewards players with three free spins, during which there is a massive Mega symbol taking up a 4x4 space on reels two to five. • Wild Bull turns one or two reels entirely Wild on each free spin. It also rewards three extra turns. • Law of the Wild gives players one free spin. The zombie sheriff can appear stacked on reels two, three and four. When all three reels are full of zombie sheriffs, it turns into a 3x3 block and grants a single re-spin. • Gunslingers gives you one free spin, and a chance to get your multiplier up as high as 30x your wager. • Poker Play rewards one free spin, and creates a Wild 2x2 Gambler symbol on the playing field. A re-spin is awarded when another gambler icon appears on the reels. • Furies creates two 2x2 girl symbols which stick to the reels for the duration of the bonus feature. It gives you as many re-spins as you need until you finally win. • Finally, Most Wanted has you picking through 20 posters on the screen. These can unlock the other six bonuses, as well as cash prizes. Unlocking Wild Bull and Ace Gang will end the Most Wanted round, while the other four allow you to pick another poster after they finish playing out.

Our Verdict

It sounds a bit complicated on paper, but it’s very simple when it comes to execution. For us, it’s a good medium volatility title, although we feel a bit underwhelmed when it comes to the main game itself. The bonuses, fortunately, come in frequently enough so it’s not that big of a problem, but if you have bad luck and can’t get the bonuses to hit, you’re not going to have a good time. We suggest giving it a go – if your luck is good, you may just make it out of this haunted town with all the treasure you could ever want.
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