Gold Rush Slots

The golden fever was an interesting phenomenon back in the days of the United States still forming. Masses of people, hearing rumours of gold and riches out in the desert, sold their things to fund their trip there with big dreams and hopes that they would find the next big gold mine and become rich beyond their wildest imaginations. Nowadays, we have the convenience of just sitting down and putting a few quarters into a machine – or just sitting down and doing it from the comfort of our own home. But much like the bygone era, Gold Rush plays like those old slots you used to find in a gambling den, before special features and overindulgent wins spoiled us all. If you want to dive into a little nostalgia trip, come along with us!

How to Play

So, what can you expect in terms of visuals here? In truth, not that much. It’s a more classic game, and the looks of it weren’t scaled up to a modern standard for the digital release. It has a weird hum running the entire time you play it, with a little guitar added in at each win. The theme is there, but it isn’t the cornerstone of immersing you. It is made to look more like an old, unwieldy machine over an actual Gold Rush. Gameplay wise, there isn’t much to say about this slot. Unlike the more complex releases of today, the whole game fits into one screen. You have one reel and three paylines, Wilds to help vary things along, but no Scatters or free spins. It is very simple, but can be quite fun, depending on how lucky you get with your rolls.

Betting Options and Payout

You might think, given the smaller playing field and a general lack of special features that at least the wins would be rock solid, but it isn’t that great in our opinion. For a $30 maximum bet, you would at most be looking at a 400 coin win and even that requires three gold diggers in a row to appear on your reels. Regardless, we do find it interesting that one piece of modern convenience did make it over into Gold Rush. Namely, the flexible wager, allowing gamblers to play from $0.01 up to a $30 maximum bet. This works out great for casual players who want to give it a few relaxed spins and see how the slots of old used to play, but with a lower variance, we imagine high rollers might be a bit disappointed in this title.

Symbols and Extra Features

Unsurprisingly, with the name Gold Rush, the game is getting rich with valuable metals. You can find bars of bronze, silver and gold on the reels, alongside bags full of cash, a sieve that was used to find small gold nuggets floating in the rivers, and the gold digger himself, who acts as a Wild. While Wilds are the most lucrative win in the entire slot due to the fact they award 400 coins for all three of them, they can also increase your multiplier if they are part of a regular win. Having a win with one Wild can add a 2x multiplier increase, and winning with two Wilds present will grant you a 4x multiplier increase. However, there are no bonus games or Scatters present in Gold Rush. In that aspect, the developers stayed true to the old nature of slots, in that their bonuses were few and far between.

Our Verdict

It is quite difficult to rate something so old in comparison to our modern standards, but Rival knew what they were getting into when this was adapted for online play back in 2008. Gold Rush manages to capture both the interesting and frustrating parts of the game as they were back in the day. We cannot endorse you to play it over more modern releases, but if you want to look at how things used to be played and how far we progressed, feel free to give it a spin or two.
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Game Details
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Coin Range:
$0.01 - $10.00
Max Bet:
400 coins