Fu Er Dai Slots

When it comes to wealth, power and respect, it’s something everyone wants. But those who have only recently gained wealth and status are usually looked down by those who already had it for a while. Don’t take our word for it – it’s literally in the title of Play'n GO release Fu Er Dai. Or, Fuerdai, to be more accurate, which literally translates to "rich second generation". This is a word usually used to describe the sons and daughters of the newly rich in China, who have few obstacles in life and live a comfortable lifestyle. And once you know the meaning of the term, your view on the slot changes quite a bit. Fu Er Dai has a 5x3 playing field with 10 paylines, forgoing regular Scatters in favour of Wilds. Wilds transform into a full-reel dragon girl, and one Wild rewards a single re-spin with a sticky Wild, while two at the same time trigger the free spins bonus that can technically go up to 20 extra turns.

How to Play

The visual style of Fu Er Dai seems to emphasise the physical wealth of its owners, and given the meaning of the word in Chinese, the theme is no surprise. The visual style is rather appealing, we have to admit. The symbols have a cool shine when they’re part of a winning combination, the glow on the dragon girls’ tattoos looks cool, the animations are rather solid. It’s easy to see Play’n GO put in effort to make this game look good. On the gameplay end of things, the title uses a high volatility style to make gamblers stick around for longer. Considering the maximum prize and how high it is, this won’t come to a surprise to anyone. With just one special feature, however, it can be a frustrating experience even getting it to activate, let alone squeezing out that huge, life-changing win – but when it happens, it’s guaranteed to make your day.

Betting Options and Payout

You can play Fu Er Dai for $0.10 up to $100 per spin, which should appease both casual gamblers who don’t want to spend too much all the way to the high rollers who are looking to bet a lot for a big win. There’s no denying that people who have cash will be tempted to max bet – certainly, when the largest win they can win is $500,000, which is 5,000x the wager. It certainly puts quite a few games to shame for using the high volatility gameplay without providing appropriate wins to go along with it. If you’re feeling real lucky, this is the slot to play, hands down.

Symbols and Extra Features

The symbols are a mix of unique icons and poker card symbols. There’s little to mention about the poker cards. They have some bling attached to them, but they’re just something you’ve already seen several times now. The real meat are the cornerstones of Fuerdai – the expensive watches, wallets full of cash, keys to an expensive car, the latest phones, and the most fashionable outfits. They really sell that high life that all of us are constantly chasing. There’s just one special feature, which is activated when you have two Wilds active at the same time. You win at least five free spins from this, and each spin is guaranteed to bring you a win. Each Wild to appear on a free spins stays sticky for the next spin, and can remain sticky for up to three spins if another Wild appears. And to add to that, all Wilds that appear on a free spins reward an additional free spin, for a maximum of 20 at once.

Our Verdict

We quite enjoyed our time with Fu Er Dai. The visuals and the gameplay all come together to make something really fun to experience while the promise of a 5,000x jackpot is something that’s going to keep many players spinning away in hopes of hitting it one day, us among them!
Where to play Fu Er Dai Slots
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Game Details
Play'n Go
Release Date:
Scatter Symbol:
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Free Spins:
Coin Range:
$0.01 - $2.00
Max Bet:
250,000 coins