Eliminators Slots

While boxing has always been popular, there were always people who craved a more primal sort of fighting. The sort of fight where you use arms and legs, where both sides go all out to win. If you think you have what it takes to prove yourself before a bloodthirsty crowd, then step into the cage – but be well aware, once you enter, you can only leave when either you or your enemy is knocked out and unable to fight back. With some stiff competition ahead of you, will you pull through and win the belt, or will you be eliminated? The slot is played on a 5x3 playing field with 20 fixed paylines. The game offers several bonuses, including collapsing reels, two types of free spins, the elimination feature and the champion bonus.

How to Play

The whole time we were playing the title, we felt like we had an early version rather than the actual, released slot. The way the symbols broke and gave way for new ones looked awesome, as did the scenes in which you punch or kick your enemies unconscious. The movement of the crowd in the background image is a nice touch, as are the camera flashes. So while all the graphics were great, the distinct absence of any sound threw us off immediately. Despite having a room full of people, they make no noise. There is no background music, either, only a brief guitar riff when a win happens. Other sound effects, like the slight thud when the icons land are all there. It honestly feels like an oversight on Playtech’s part, rather than an intentional decision. Eliminators is played on a standard 5x3 playing field, where wins are granted by collecting three or more identical symbols in adjacent positions, following one of 20 active paylines from left to right.

Betting Options and Payout

Players can wager between $0.20 up to $500 per spin, which is an awesome bet spread for casual gamblers and high rollers. The game has high volatility, with a massive 25,000x jackpot. The RTP for this title is 95.72%.

Symbols and Extra Features

Symbols include three different coloured boxing gloves, Typhoon Terry, Violet, Tank, Joe the Hurricane and Master Chen. A muscular man with his hands in the air is Wild, while the golden belt stands for Scatter. Any win which includes the five fighters will eliminate that fighter from the reels for that spin. Using collapsing reels, you can chain several wins together, and remove several fighters. If you remove all of them in a single spin, you win the champion bonus, where you receive an instant cash prize on top of all your other wins. Three or more Scatters lets you pick between two different free spins. The blue option plays fewer spins but is safer and less volatile, simply increasing your chances of winning. Meanwhile, the red version offers more turns, and grants players a collapsing win multiplier. The more wins you chain together, the higher the multiplier climbs, up to a maximum of 10x.

Our Verdict

We were quite willing to give Eliminators a perfect score because we were thoroughly impressed with everything on offer. That said, the lack of music or sound effects beyond the reels spinning and symbols landing ruined the experience for us. It is still a fun slot however and we do recommend trying it out after it gets fixed.
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