Dragon Orb Slots

Great treasures in far-away lands, shrouded in mystery, far from the eyes of the world. It might take ages, and sometimes, it might not even feel like it was worth it. But one day, you climb up atop that mountain, with the full moon illuminating your path and you know the long journey was all worth it. It makes for a damn good movie – and that sort of gameplay is the sort of thing that keeps a great deal of gamblers coming back in hopes of winning the jackpot of a lifetime. The RTG’s newest release seems primed for just that, as it offers two progressive jackpots, Wilds that expand to fill entire reels and a guaranteed re-spin with each one. Add to that the fact the game pays both left to right and right to left, and plenty of gamblers will be itching to give it a spin.

How to Play

We have to admit, we like the new art style that RTG has recently adopted. It doesn’t differ that much, but it’s hard not to notice the graphical uplift compared to what they had a year or two ago. While it’s still a ways off from competing with giants like Microgaming and NetEnt, it’s very impressive as far as graphics go and we’d love to see the developers continue in this style. It still could use a bit of work on the finer details, but it looks nice, and the fact it somehow avoids being a clone of every other Chinese orientated slot on the market also brings that score up. As for gameplay, it’s very traditionally RTG, which means there are progressive jackpots, a big feature or two with a slight twist, and a large variance you need to grind through until you get that massive win to bounce you back after a losing streak. We’ve already mentioned having more than one progressive jackpot can be a bit disappointing if you win the smaller one, but we understand why the developers chose to include, especially as there is only one other bonus, and no free spins, which is more or less a staple of the genre for a while now. While not all slots have had free spins, you need to be very secure in your title if you plan to make it without them.

Betting Options and Payout

It’s a bit tough to determine if it is worth it or not, much like any other game. For us here at the office, it caused a bit of a divide, as some players didn’t manage to get anything done, while others managed to chain two to three Wilds and re-spins, which came together for a damn good winning streak. Unfortunately, none of us managed to get a hold of the progressive jackpots, so that prize is still awaiting one of our lucky readers to trigger! Regardless, Dragon Orb seems to be at a medium to high variance, and it will probably take you a while before you stumble your way into a big win.

Symbols and Extra Features

We were quite taken with how the symbols were drawn. While far from unique, the colour scheme not being red and gold alone was enough to give us an easier time from labelling it another copy and paste job for the Chinese market. Instead, you can tell you’re in some calming peaks, with water slowly falling down into a pool, a serene place worthy of a temple. But in this temple, you can find icons such as scrolls, candles, bowls, mountainous temples, water flowers, and even valuable statues! As for special features, there’s only one to talk about. Wilds can only appear in the second, third and fourth reel, and expand to cover all positions on that reel before any pays are awarded. Beyond this, Wilds also activate a Wild Re-spin, which happens when one or more expanded Wilds appear on the playing field. All reels where Wilds are present stay in place, while the rest spin again, allowing you to double dip a win, or even get another Wild for another re-spin.

Our Verdict

It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly among the better that RTG has put out this year. We weren’t sure what to expect coming into Dragon Orb, but there was enough different about it to make us enjoy it. The lack of free spins managed to break some of our habits while playing, and made the re-spins that much more exciting to see in action. If you have the patience for it, and don’t mind chasing progressive jackpots, we can recommend giving it a spin or two.
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