Cash of Kingdoms Slots

Some people say war never changes. Others rightfully point out we used to stab each other with swords and now a pilot can fly a drone into the battlefield and mow down a group of soldiers from the safety of his base. It all really depends on how you view war – just as a directly physical thing in which soldiers die mindlessly for the goals of people more powerful than them, or if you view things in a more literal sense, where war is a given thing and part of our nature, so we should at the very least make it as humane and painless as possible. Cash of Kingdoms easily skirts such deep-seated questions and makes a game out of war, like so many other titles we have seen. This time around, the war is between humans, dwarves, elves and gnomes – and magic users are a faction of their own. All of them fight for resources, glory and power – but for freelancers like you, that doesn’t really matter. Join the war, and do your best to gather as much loot as possible, and make off like a bandit!

How to Play

The graphics do look cartoony and simplistic at first glance. Slingshot Studios made it look good, but it’s clear that you won’t see a lot of the cool details you might otherwise find when you’re playing titles made by bigger studios, or even Microgaming themselves. The background image is static, depicting a beautiful green field covered with grass, with mountains and a large castle looming in the distance, while a bright blue sky with clouds sits above the reels. There are no animations here, which is a shame, because it would no doubt made the title look even better. That said, you do see animations attached to symbols – each one performs a brief, two-three second animation when it’s part of the winning combination. The user interface here is very clearly designed with mobile first in mind, with most buttons being sat on the sides of the screen, while all the action is in the middle, which fits a touchscreen better than a monitor. The game is played on a 5x3 playing field with 15 fixed paylines, which pay both left to right and right to left. Gamblers cannot turn some paylines on or off at will, which means they cannot lower their minimum bet below what’s already set by the game. The title offers its players a low variance, with frequent, but small pays that have the potential of adding up over time.

Betting Options and Payout

Gamblers can bet between $0.15 up to $480 per spin by increasing or decreasing their coin size and amount of coins per payline. This is a huge betting spread that will no doubt please both casual players and high rollers alike, with everyone in between being able to find a bet they’re comfortable playing at. The RTP for Cash of Kingdoms is 96.28%, which is above average for video slots.

Symbols and Extra Features

Symbols include a sack of gold, an explosive barrel, a bow and arrows, a spellbook, a sword and shield, a thief, a dwarf, a ranger, a sorcerer and a knight. Special symbols include the game’s logo as Wild, and a treasure chest as Scatter. Wilds can appear on reels two, three and four, and can appear stacked in reels two and four. If a full stack of Wilds appears on reel two or reel four, they will invade and turn an adjacent reel Wild. If both reel two and reel four are turned Wild, they will also turn reel three Wild. Scatters appear on the second, third and fourth reel, as well, and collecting all three at once rewards ten free spins. Every additional Scatter afterwards grants players an extra free spin. During free spins, Wilds appear super stacked in reels two and four, increasing the chances of invading Wilds.

Our Verdict

It’s a very simple game, but one we found worked quite well. The low volatility may not please some gamblers, but Starburst operated on a similar model, and is still played a lot to this day. We’d recommend giving it a go, but we personally won’t be coming back to it.
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Game Details
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Coin Range:
$0.01 - $1.00
Max Bet:
100,000 coins