Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

The original Bubble Bubble was hardly the type to break world records, but it was a good effort for a Halloween slot by RTG back in the day. Certainly, it seems, that enough customers agreed that the developers have made the choice of making a sequel, and so, for 2017 Halloween season, we have Bubble Bubble 2, a 5-reel, 50-payline game that’s chock full of sexy witches, dark creatures, potions, cauldrons and special features that would make any gambler curious. Wilds that triple your wins, free spins bonuses full of Wild Ghosts, Witches that expand themselves onto neighbouring reels and finally, you can guarantee at least one of the witches will always sit on the reels, which more or less guarantees you’re bound to catch one of those juicy 3x multipliers!

How to Play

For what’s supposed to be a spooky slot, it seems more cutesy than anything, really. There are some little details that add to the scariness – the occasionally peeking red eye, and very rarely, you might catch a brief glimpse of something that disappears just before you can get a good look at it. But beyond that, the whole thing looks like it came out of a children’s cartoon, so if you’re the type that’s easily scared, you’ll find there’s little to fear in Bubble Bubble 2. We’d still warn you against playing it in public though, unless you want some odd looks when the witches come out to play dressed as they are! The gameplay doesn’t deviate much from the standard RTG formula, as it’s mostly based around triggering features rather than base game wins. There’s no progressive jackpot anywhere, which just reaffirms the status, but while most games by the developer usually keep to one or two bonuses, this time around they decided to squeeze in a lot more, which helps both the longevity of the slot in the long term, as well as keeping gamblers engaged for longer in a single session, just waiting for that one awesome special feature to drop and send you over the moon with a massive score.

Betting Options and Payout

With all fifty paylines enabled, some low rollers might find themselves frowning that the bare minimum to sample Bubble Bubble 2 is $0.50 per spin. This used to be somewhat easier to solve in the older days when paylines were flexible, but nowadays, a lot of games ship with fixed paylines, and this one is no exception. That said, the original was very much so the same, so if you played the first title, you have a pretty good idea as to what it will require of you. The wins on it are rather solid as well, but if you’re hoping to match some of the bigger scores that always float with high variance titles like this, you better be ready for a lot of luck and patience.

Symbols and Extra Features

Taking a brief look over the symbols and features, it might be better to say that Bubble Bubble 2 is a remaster of the original rather than a sequel. The symbols were all brought in from the old title, with some of them slightly varied up for posterity sake. That said, apart from being given an HD treatment, most of them resemble their existing counterparts, which isn’t so bad. But the fact the special features were completely copied over is a bit of a disappointment. From the Wild multipliers, to the three free spin bonuses, all of it was also in the original title. This isn’t particularly good or bad, but just cements it in our eyes as a remaster more so than a proper sequel. Players who loved it before will certainly like to come back to it looking better, while the gameplay of the old title was preserved.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, it’s a fun Halloween title, and if you’re yearning for something creepy but not spooky, it can be a good time sink. If you played the original, you’ll know exactly what’s awaiting you with these two hot witches. Just be careful and don’t drink any potions they give you, and you’ll make it out just fine.
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Game Details
Realtime Gaming
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Coin Range:
$0.01 - $0.25
Max Bet:
50,000 coins