Banana Jones Slots

It’s easy to simply accept things as they are right now as perfect. Progress for the sake of progress isn’t a good thing – we must always find a limit as to how far we’re willing to go. But experimentation has always been a net positive for video slots. It’s brought us from small 3x3 playing fields to large 5x3 reels which are seen as standard today. It’s brought us brand new and unique bonuses, and even having multiple of them in a single game. So every time we see developers try something new, we embrace it with open arms. Sometimes, it works great, such as Mega Money Rush from Microgaming and Skillzz Gaming that rewards players for playing well while trying slot mechanics. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, and you get something boring and annoying like Poke the Guy. Banana Jones doesn’t really swing into either of those spectrums – it tries something different, but it feels more like a prototype than a fully fleshed out title.

How to Play

The graphics are rather simplistic. They look cosy and inviting, but there’s really not a lot of substance to them. We have to admit, given the shiny introduction cinematic, where you see Banana Jones flying his plane and an evil tiger general getting angry at his snake minions, that we would see more of those things. And yet, snakes are entirely static and simply serve as obstacles, Banana Jones has a few animations he constantly loops through, and it all feels like a slight let down after the cinematic gets you excited. The user interface is rather minimalistic. At the beginning, the title asks how much you want to bet for five throws of the dice, and after you choose, your options are to look at the paytable, throw the dice, or let the computer throw them for you. As you might have guessed, there’s not a lot to the actual gameplay itself. Gamblers have five dice throws every time they bet. If they land on a gem, that gem is stored off to the side of the screen and can provide a win when you collect enough. Landing on a sleeping monkey head activates the statue, which looks very impressive, as it fills up the reel, and created a bonus wheel for players to spin, that can reward between 0.1x to 50x the wager. If you land on the top of a snake, you slide back down to the snake’s tail, while if you land on a wine, you climb up to the top. Finally, if you reach the temple, you pick through various lockboxes to collect symbols to score a win when you collect enough of a single icon.

Betting Options and Payout

You can wager between $0.20 up to $5.00 per five dice throws, which is a rather balanced offering. For $0.20, you essentially play for $0.04 per dice throw, while you’re sinking $1.25 per dice throw at a max bet. It’s not as high as some slots can go, but you can get some solid wins if you get lucky and reach the temple itself. The title doesn’t have an offered RTP. The highest jackpot is 2,565x your bet.

Symbols and Extra Features

As you might have guessed by now, since this isn’t a tradition slot, there are also no symbols for you to connect and pick up. That said, you do have several icons during the temple phase which you can draw from the chest, and collecting enough of one will award you the appropriate chest win. There are no special features in Banana Jones.


It’s clearly no slot, but it’s a fun little game that gets boring quickly. It’s mechanically sound, and there’s a lot of polish behind it, but it lacks a bit of substance to keep players coming back for more. We warmly recommend giving it a go – but if RTG wants to try this formula again, they have to add a little extra to spice things up next time.
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$0.20 - $5
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