Agent Valkyrie Slots

It used to be that flights were prohibitively expensive for a lot of people. Even to this day, sometimes your only options are big airlines and they’re known to price air tickets a pretty penny. Fortunately for a lot of us, charter flights usually happen on much smaller airplanes and for the slight downside of not being able to carry as much luggage, they’re able to offer a much more down to earth price for those who usually wouldn’t be able to afford flying. Sadly, the era of everyone being able to fly around at will still hasn’t reached us yet, but we can dream. Agent Valkyrie tackles the idea of a world in which flight is so common you have actual sky pirates making off with people’s luggage. It offers gamblers a 5x3 playing field with 25 paylines and several special features. Collecting three coins on the second, third and fourth reel will activate special features unique to a specific sky pirate. Keep a good eye on which feature does what, as you’ll be able to make your own mix of these three features when the free spins roll around.

How to Play

There’s certainly a visually distinct style to this title. There’s a very steampunk feel to the game, with all the cogs present on the backdrop and in the costume design, which looks like something you’d see people wearing in the 1880s with a slight, modern brush. The user interface doesn’t really seem to go for full immersion, as you have rather clashing elements, such as the bottom part that looks like it was ripped from a physical game machine, while everything around it is brown and in the aesthetic of the title itself. The clash is really obvious playing it on the longer term, so we have to dock points there. On the gameplay side of things, though, we have to commend Microgaming for trying to keep normal gameplay interesting with the coin collection mechanic. The way it works is that at random, a golden coin symbol can appear on the second, third or fourth reel. This adds a coin to the counter above that reel, and once three are collected like that, you win one of the three bonuses. On the second reel, it will turn one or two reels Wild, on the third reel, Wild symbols will land on random locations on the reels, and on the fourth reel, all three criminals will transform into Wilds.

Betting Options and Payout

You can play Agent Valkyrie for as little as $0.25 up to $25 per each spin. If you’re hoping to score some wins, your best bet will be to trigger the free spins. While normal gameplay is varied up a bit thanks to the presence of the bonuses attached to coins, it’s usually not enough to maintain the same win level by the time the free spins roll around. The extra turns bonus has the advantage of not forcing you to pay for each spin, but also always giving you one of those three previously mentioned bonuses.

Symbols and Extra Features

There are plenty of cool and interesting symbols to be found on the playing field. An aviator’s scarf, a map, the three criminals each having their own distinctive design that makes them look cool and menacing and from A through 10 playing cards, which we mentioned plenty of times we’re not big fans of, and this Microgaming release is no exception. The free spin bonus is activated when three or more Scatters are collected, which rewards between seven to fifteen free spins. You can choose for the game itself to a bonus randomly to each spin, or you can assign them yourself – so if you’re particularly lucky with one over another, you can choose to stack those in particular.

Our Verdict

It’s not a ground breaking title, but a small bit of player choice during the free spins and the inclusion of a small bonus during normal gameplay really have gone a long way to make it from an average title into something that shines through a little bit. It’s not the best Microgaming has put out, but if you’re looking for something new to try out, we recommend giving it a go.
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Game Details
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$0.01 - $1.00
Max Bet:
25,000 coins