Age of the Gods God of Storms Slots

Long running series of slots can be a rare thing to find, but it seems Playtech isn’t interested in slowing down with Age of the Gods. This time around, it tackles the tale of Aelous, son of Hippotes, who was the keeper of winds and king of the island of Aeolia, one of the small islands close to Sicily. The game tries to be different, opting to use re-spins activated by Wilds rather than using free spins or Scatters. Between this, the growing multiplier, and the progressive jackpot, God of Storms promises to be a fun slot that sits at a medium variance, feeding you small wins until you brave the challenge of the wind keeper, and earn yourself a proper prize.

How to Play

It doesn’t seem like this game was preoccupied with amazing graphics. The backdrop of the rocky island in which Aelous makes his domain certainly looks pretty, but there aren’t any portrait specific animations, or massive visual flair. The only somewhat annoying thing about the visuals is that all wins, even the smallest ones, appear loudly on the screen accompanied with music, which can feel a bit hilarious when the win was even less than what you wagered. To be fair, it improves as you win more and more powerful music is added, but it still feels somewhat badly placed. Gameplay wise, it’s nothing special. It’s certainly not a total disaster like we’ve seen recently, and it’s sad that it earns praise from that. It offers a steady stream of wins, and you will usually have one in four or one in five spins be a win, sometimes small, sometimes a little bit bigger. It’s worth noting that two and three of a kind scores are really low paying, even on high win icons as the slot describes. This is somewhat offset by frequent Wilds appearing, but it seems clear that the aim was scoring big through the re-spins bonus.

Betting Options and Payout

Each time you spin, 0.99% of that goes into fuelling the progressive jackpots. Yes, jackpots. Not one, but four in total. They start off at decent enough sizes. The first two are a bit disappointing, beginning at $50 and $500, respectively, but the latter two offer $5,000 and $100,000 just to start with and then grow bigger and bigger with each spin. All four are activated by random and which progressive jackpot you win depends on the small mini-game in which you open face-down coins. Each jackpot has its own symbols, and you need three icons from the same jackpot to win it. You’re guaranteed to win at least one – though we imagine you’ll be disappointed if after all the hype you walk away with the smallest one. Beyond that, the slot offers you a fixed jackpot that increases your wager by 500x, which is scored by winning a five of a kind soldier symbol. It can grow even larger thanks to the multiplier provided by the Wilds, and with the highest multiplier of 5x added onto that, you could walk away with a 2,500x win.

Symbols and Extra Features

We’re a bit disappointed to see poker card symbols made their way into God of Storms, considering just how rich old Greek mythology is with characters they could have used. You could make the argument that they’re saving them up for their own games, but it still feels boring to see generic symbols. Beyond that, we have a decorated vase, a hydra, an archer, a swordswoman and the soldier, who are no doubt out on a hydra hunt. There is only one special feature offered by this slot, and that is the re-spin. There are two different versions of Wilds. One is transparent, and doesn’t have anything special going for it, except that it can cover an entire reel. The other is a ship – Odysseus’ ship, as a matter of fact. Once it appears on a full reel, Aeolus will appear on the side of the screen, and blow it to the left, and each time he does, the multiplier jumps by one, up to a maximum of a 5x increase. The re-spins keep going until the ship disappears.

Our Verdict

While it’s not the most impressive thing graphically, it looks, plays and feels amazing. The largest wins are reserved and waiting for those who play for a while and are blessed by the winds, while smaller scores are there to tide you over. With frequent Wilds, we can’t argue that God of Storms is cheap. But it is a great continuation of a successful series, and we hope Playtech can keep this standard going for their other releases as well.
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$0.01 - $10.00
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12,500 coins