Age of the Gods Fate Sisters Slots

A new addition to the Age of the Gods series is always something we welcome and Playtech decides to give us an early treat in 2017 to start us off. Fate Sisters offers players a 5x3 playing field with 25 reels, offering a polished, smooth experience as we’ve come to expect out of the developer with lots of small wins sprinkled about to keep you spinning until the big guns are pulled out. With a myriad of special features on offer and the enticing thought of winning the massive progressive jackpot, the game will have you at the edge of your seat hoping. Are you prepared to see what threads of fate the three sisters have woven for you?

How to Play

Not all slots are created equal, and this particular Playtech release shows obvious care and polish went into it to make sure fans of the series got a proper visual spectacle that they deserve. The reel animations are incredibly smooth, without any hitching present at any point, and the nice design of the icons helps sell the theme. There is no denying that Fate Sisters is a visually impressive game. But graphics form only one set of the coin – the other comes in terms of gameplay itself. From our experience, playing the slot offered a lot of interaction with the special features it had on offer. There are enough to keep things interesting in the long run, while small wins pop in from time to time to keep your short term interest and wet your appetite. Admittedly, the Autoplay option leaves a bit to be desired. The choice of being able to set it between 10 to 99 times is good, and you can allow the game to spin until you run into a special feature, but the lack of a loss or win limit seems a bit out of place. It works perfectly well without them, but it is still a shame to see those features absent.

Betting Options and Payout

There is a lot of things you can do to carry home an impressively sized win. Playtech’s release has a progressive jackpot you can activate which increases the more you play, five Wilds in a row can grant you 10,000x your stake, and the various special options laid about in the slot all come together to give you a big win if you have the luck to make them appear. Meanwhile, the betting range is very decently spaced. Assuming you will be playing with all 25 paylines, your minimum will be sitting at $0.25, while the largest bet you can make in the game is a whopping $2,500. While the upper reaches of this slot are probably unavailable except to the highest tier of big gamblers, just the thought of winning a progressive jackpot playing the maximum bet is one that leaves our mouths watering.

Symbols and Extra Features

The playing field is shared between poker icons and unique artwork designed specifically for this game. You can see that the developers put in work and care to ensure it looks nice, as Fate Sisters has quite the visually impressive array of characters to offer you. The three sisters are the dominant presence here, as are the tools of their trade with which they weave and end the thread of destiny for every man, woman and child. Although Scatters and the subsequent free spins bonus are great, the slot makes them quite a rare occurrence. Three or more Scatters allow you to choose between three different bonuses, each one tied to a specific sister. Atropos grants you 15 extra rounds and a dynamic multiplier. Each time the red sister appears on the reels, it increases the multiplier – but if she does not appear anywhere on the playing field during one round, it decreases by one as well. At a minimum, you will have a 2x increase, at maximum a 5x. If the red sister appears on the third reel, she award three more spins. Lachesis rewards 10 bonus games with locking Wilds. When a Wild appears, it is locked in place for 3 turns. If another Wild falls into its place while another Wild is locked, then the duration of the lock is extended for three more spins. Like before, if the green sister appears on the third reel, it adds three more free games. Finally, Clotho awards 8 free spins with random Wilds appearing each time the reels are played. More specifically, each turn makes sure you have at least three Wilds on the playing field. If the blue sister appears on the third reel, she awards three more bonus rounds. Alongside this, if the sisters appear in the right combination on the first, third and fifth reel, you are rewarded with The Sisters’ Gift special feature, which grants you a respin, and if any sisters appear on the playing field, they can offer quite a hefty reward.

Our Verdict

As always, Playtech treasures its Age of the Gods series, and the newest instalment is nothing to sneeze at. Fate Sisters is a great choice if you want something both fun and profitable. With just a little bit of luck, you can carry home a lot of cash. This is a great release, and we can warmly recommend it to anyone.
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Game Details
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Coin Range:
$0.01 - $100
Max Bet:
250,000 coins