After Night Falls Slots

It starts with a smooth jazz tune on a warm evening. All is seemingly nice and quiet, when a phone rings in the office of our hero, Detective Rousseau. A poor, old woman has her valuables stolen, and now, it is up to you, inspector, to make sure her jewels are returned and the criminal brought to justice! With a slightly goofy French detective as a protagonist, it isn’t difficult to draw a connection to a few popular films that explored this concept to varying degrees of success. But with 5 reels, 30 paylines, a low variance and a lot of special features, After Night Falls knows all the right words to whisper in your ear to hook you in and make you play more.

How to Play

Not that we disapprove, mind you! This is a slot that breathes with its theme and this is the sort of thing we love seeing. The detective interacts with the reels when they spin, and is a general goof otherwise, being scared by cats and failing to notice the thief sneaking about on the other side of the playing field. Upstairs, you can also see the grandma moving about and occasionally stopping to wave to you. As far as style points go, Betsoft, you scored big here. The gameplay is also masterfully executed. It plays as you would expect a 5 reel game to play, but a lot of low variance wins pair up with a plethora of special features that occur commonly to transform After Night Falls from a boring experience into one you will keep coming back to. Despite being small, the wins feel satisfying, especially as they chain off one another due to the collapsing reels.

Betting Options and Payout

As we mentioned above, you play with a low variance, but a high RTP. You notice this quite quickly as you spin the reels of this slot. The biggest single jackpot is 250 coins, which seems ridiculously low. But with collapsing reels, Wilds that offer re-spins when they become active, a free spins special feature and a bonus game that gives you flat cash prizes on top of that, you really have nothing to complain. This is about building your nest piece by piece instead of getting one giant win that makes you rich. At a minimum, you will be playing with $0.02 up to a maximum of $75, or 150 coins. In general, this represents a wider betting range, so the only thing that matters if is you enjoy After Night Falls and how it plays rather than whether you can afford it or not.

Symbols and Extra Features

As if Betsoft didn’t already woo us, on top of this, they also added entirely unique symbol art for all the icons. There are no poker card symbols. Instead, each piece ties together to the greater mystery of how the old woman’s purse full of jewels was stolen. This internal consistency helps the slot feel that much more immersive, and we love it. Wilds are a magnifying glass, and offer a relatively interesting feature on top of being able to replace any icon on the playing field except for Scatters and Bonus Round symbols. When it appears on the reels, it gives you a free spin, and moves one position to the left. Then it awards another spin, and keeps doing this until it can no longer go left. Alongside helping to complete wins, it also acts a mini free spins bonus, which is a great deal for the player. And then you have the actual extra rounds themselves. These appear as the inspector’s hand on his desk, and can award a small number of credits, or free spins, depending on how many actively appear. Each spin comes with a multiplier between 2x to 10x, and the multiplier is different each time you spin the reels for the duration of the bonus round. If you pick out the criminal, you get a Click Me special feature. You are given five doors, and they can contain either a cash bonus, or a collect sign. Cross your fingers and hope you get lucky. And finally, there are stacked collapsed wins. If an entire reel is stacked with the same icon, it awards you a credit win that is 3x the payout for that symbol. On top of that, two additional icons fall on top of the now condensed icon, allowing for further wins to occur.

Our Verdict

After Night Falls won us over in less than 20 spins. From the theme to the gameplay, it scratches all the right itches that make gamblers want to give it a try. We have no qualms about openly recommending you to try out this Betsoft release and playing it for a few hours at a time. It is well worth the money, and odds are you will probably come out ahead by the end of it all.
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Coin Range:
$0.02 - $0.50
Max Bet:
7,500 coins