Weekly Raffles at MYB Casino Every Thursday

Weekly Raffles at MYB Casino Every Thursday

MYB Casino is back with anther lavish offer. If you haven’t picked up your free spins, come back next week to leverage your gambling.

In the meantime, check out this MYB Casino Thursday deal.

All Those Prizes…

First, let’s check out all the prizes MYB Casino prepared for you. A total of 25 players will go home with a real cash reward. Check out the real money prize distribution:

  1. 1st Place: $275
  2. 2nd Place: $225
  3. 3rd Place: $175
  4. 4th – 10th Place: $100
  5. 11st – 20th Place: $50
  6. 21st – 25th Place: $25

So, each week, there is $2,000 up for grabs at MYB Casino. Read to learn the rules on how to participate.

Every Game Counts at MYB!

Every week, there will be 25 champions sharing the $2,000. To end up among them, you need to get your name in that raffle.

For every deposit of $50, you’ll get one ticket into the final draw. Only real money wagers qualify. To check how many raffle tickets you have, consult the responsive customer support team at MYB Casino.

There are no bonus codes for this MYB Casino promo. You need to be an existing player to be eligible. Only one player per IP address and household is permitted.

Please gamble responsibly. Gambling is a form of adult entertainment above all. When the fun stops, you should, too.

All standard terms and conditions apply.

You need to be of the legal age of 18 to participate.

Register with MYB Casino here.

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