Sail the Seas of BitStarz Casino and Get Your Hands on the Pirate Gold

Sail the Seas of BitStarz Casino and Get Your Hands on the Pirate Gold

Staff Writer
July 15, 2020

If you have a penchant for mischief and like adventures, we have something for you.

BitStarz Casino launched a fantastic deal where you can win stupendous prizes!

Stop by the casino in the next two months and start your Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure. If you are the first to reach the final level, you will get an authentic gold bar!

A Golden Opportunity

We often talked about golden promotions that entail delectable prizes. However, this time, BitStarz decided to go one step further and really offer a golden opportunity to its players.

The new Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure truly offers you a chance to win a gold bar!

All you need to do is visit the casino and play any game that you find in the lobby.

Yep, you read that right – the only task that participants have is to play games at the casino.

The framework of the promotion consists of 41 levels that each participant must go through. And as you play the games, you will notice that the progression bar fills and thus signals your leveling up.

Level up, Level up

Now, as we said, there are 41 levels in total, and each is more difficult to pass than the one before. But worry not – there are prizes that you can collect along the way.

The prizes are a perfect incentive to keep you pushing forward until you reach the end. However, bear in mind that this is a ‘first come, first serve’ promotion!

In other words, those who reach the goal first will get the prize.

For instance, there are 10 BitStarz hoodies at level 15, while ten backpacks await at level 25. Ten fastest players to reach these levels will get these prizes.

But wait – there is more!

At level 40, you can win a €10K cash prize. And if you reach the last level first, you get a gold bar that weighs 1kg!

Check the casino T&C for more details about the promo.

The deal ends on 15:00 CEST September 25, 2020.

Start Playing at BitStarz today!




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