Play the Best Slots at Bet365 for £50,000 up for Grabs

Play the Best Slots at Bet365 for £50,000 up for Grabs

Staff Writer
June 25, 2020

It's time for a battle!

Bet365 Casino is hosting one of the best promotions we’ve seen lately. And trust us, we have reviewed a lot.

The famous UK gambling brand is all about slots this month. The promo kicked off yesterday, on 24 June, and will last until 10th July 2020.

You still have plenty of time to join.

Do you like slots? Do you like having fun? Well, this is the promo for you!

Clash or Cash – You Decide

Here are the basic rules of this battle.

Each day, two slots are going head-to-head. Your task is to try and predict which one will win. In turn, you’ll earn prize draw tickets. Collect as many as you can for a share of the massive grand prize.

Bet365 Casino has prepared a sum of £50,000 for its players!

There will be 4 (four) draws throughout the promotional period. Check out the four rounds of the tournament:

  • Knockout Round: 00:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT each day from 24th June – 1st July
  • Quarter-finals: 00:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT each day from 2nd – 5th July
  • Semi-finals: 00:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT each day from 6th – 7th July
  • Grand Final: 00:00 GMT on 9th July until 23:59 GMT on 10th July

Also, play the qualifying games for the day for a bunch of Free Spins!

A Quick Reminder

To be eligible for the competition, you need to wager at least £25 on the slot you predicted to win.

For each battle, you can only make one prediction.

Players will win 1 prize draw ticket according to the winning slot they predicted correctly. The slot with the most predictions at the end of each promotional period will determine the winner.

Here are the qualifying slots from Playtech for the free spins:

Please gamble responsibly. Gambling is a form of adult entertainment above all. When the fun stops, you should, too.

All standard terms and conditions apply.

You need to be of the legal age of 18 to participate.

Promotional period: 24th June – 10th July 2020

Head over to Bet365 Casino now!



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