Yggdrasil and Avatar UX Launch CritterPop – Their New PopWins Title

Yggdrasil and Avatar UX Launch CritterPop – Their New PopWins Title

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August 22, 2022


Critterpop new slot release

Are you looking for a light-hearted, cute, and relaxing slot experience? Well look no further as late-august brings us CritterPop slot, an adorable space critter-themed slot from Yggdrasil Gaming and Avatar UX. What does this game have in store for you?

What is CritterPop

CritterPop slot is a space-themed adventure with cute neon animals and flashy innovative PopWins mechanics. The game has 5 reels and 3 rows in the beginning stages, but that will not last. As you win rounds in CritterPop by arranging symbols in one of the 65,536 win ways, the winning symbols are replaced by two new ones. Additionally, the reel that housed the winning symbols expands. Yggdrasil has done cascading wins before in their releases like MexoMax, but this time they bring out their new PopWins variation with expanding reels to boot.

The thrilling PopWins system means that you can score several wins in a single roll and the visuals will keep you entertained as each space critter symbol pops into new ones. CritterPop slot is a highly volatile slot as is fitting with cascading wins and its RTP value is 96.08% which is nothing to scoff at. It all rounds up to a pretty worthwhile game based on the testing statistics.

Extra Features and Mechanics

The 11 unique regular symbols among which you can find owls, cats, and frogs, to name a few, is not all CritterPop has to offer. It features the well know mechanic of landing 3 scatters for free spins, but there is a twist. Yggdrasil’s CritterPop features a special Reward Reel where players can win addition modifiers for their free spins that last throughout the entire session.

In the Reward Reels, players can win things like additional free spins and extra multipliers for their final reward. Additionally, the rarer rewards are things like Mega 2×2 and Giga 3×3 symbols for increased payout chances. This is also where the wild symbol appears and special symbol multipliers too.

After scoring various modifiers in the Reward Reels, players can then enjoy the free spins which will be boosted by what they won. Free spins start with a x1 multiplier and the winning ways continue to ramp up as the reels expand with each additional victory. Finally, if the players manage to expand the reels through PopWins up to the 8-size maximum, they will receive even more additional free spins.

What’s not to love about a crazy neon space-themed slot? It’s PopWins and entertainment everywhere.



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