Yantarnaya Gambling Hub Welcomes Its First Casino

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casinoLocated in Kalingrad, Yantarnaya gaming zone is set to become one of Russia’s newest gambling hubs, which last week welcomed its first casino.

The approved Russian zone also known as Amberland is aiming toward becoming a tourist and recreational area with diverse facilities for family entertainment, in addition to the ever-present gambling element.

Russia welcomed the first casino in the upcoming gaming hub called Sobranie last week without great fanfare as the first of five special integrated gambling zones sees the light of the day in the country which banned casinos in 2009.

The first of five zones to be opened was the Primorye Integrated Economic Zone (PIEZ) located far east in the city of Vladivostok.

Sobranie entertainment center is not finished yet, but the operators announced the inauguration of the casino under “technical mode” until the decorative work is finished over the next couple of weeks.

Casino is currently open 24 hours a day.

Sobranie is not the first facility in the area, but definitely is the most exclusive casino in the Yantarnaya gambling zone. Magic Crystal was the first facility to be opened in the region which is fully operational since April 2016 and also offers slot machine games to their customers and visitors.

Once fully operational, Yantarnaya gambling zone will host 15 casinos, 21 hotels, a water park, a theatre, stadiums, concert halls SPA salons and shops, adding to the Sochi gambling hub Russia expects will be another gambling hub in business by 2029.

The Russian city expects the investment in casino business to reach the total of $725 millon.