Wild Horse Pass Casino Was Robbed

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

The suspect for the casino robbery is still at large, and now the police are asking for everyone’s help on locating the individual that did this. This is something that went wrong, and something that someone needs to answer too because of the felony that they committed. This is something that has been happening far too often, and something that needs to stop.


The casino was robbed this past Saturday, and took $12,000 worth of cash with them. Before 11 AM that morning, the man walked into the casino and slipped the banker a note that demanded that they hand over the cash easily, and without a fight or saying anything to those around them. While he did this, he had a silhouette of a gun inside his shirt, which made the banker uneasy, and handed over the cash that he had asked for.

The description of the man was given: a black male, around 190 to 210 pounds and around 5 foot 10 inches to 6 feet tall. He was wearing blue jeans with a blue button down shirt, and white tennis shoes with a Ralph Lauren hat with a three on the side of it. He had a thin mustache that he may, or may not still have currently. He fled on foot from the casino, but it is believed that he might have had a car away from the casino somewhere. After fleeing on foot, someone saw the same man get into a blue four door sedan and drive off, but no one knows anything else after this.

The police are urging people to provide them with the necessary information that is required to catch this robber, and make sure that they get the justice that they deserve. All information can be directly right to the police department for the area, or if he is spotted somewhere else, calling your local police department can be of some help.