UKGC Adopts New Measures to Enhance Consumer Protection

UKGC Adopts New Measures to Enhance Consumer Protection

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July 3, 2017
UKGC adopts new consumer protection measures.
United Kingdom Gambling Commission makes another step towards creating a fair gaming market.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has raised standards for country's operators by adopting new measures for consumer protection.

These new measures should enhance the overall protection in the online gaming sector and also give consumers the right to make informed decisions regarding their gambling activity on the internet.

Detail Insight into Gambling

In practice, this means players will be able to access three months' worth of account and gambling information directly, while a minimum period of 1 year will be available on request.

Operators will also ensure that the account and gambling history provide straightforward information for a defined period, with transaction history for the previous two months being available to players.

UKGC emphasized the necessity of enabling the consumers to set a financial limit on their account, but also on individual games. Along with this, the operators will have to allow their consumers to access information regarding their deposit.

Programme director at the UKGC, Sharon McNair, said it was all about allowing the players to make right decision based on the right information.

She stated there were differences in approach among the operators, who also offer different level of  information to their consumers. McNair emphasized the new measures would ease the access to these information.

Safe and Fair for All

New measures offer the enhanced level of consistency when it comes to the information operators disclose to their consumers. McNair said it was up to operators to ensure gambling products were effectively managing the risks, while keeping gambling safe and fair for all.

The operators have until April 1 2018 to ensure the new measures have been implemented, which is more than enough time to do so, while a number of additional requirements comes into force a bit earlier, on October 1.

British online gambling market is worth £4.5 billion a year, so it is important to continue its further growth. This can be achieved through innovation and implementation of new technological advancements.

New products are being developed almost every day as the industry changes, and it is important to have new regulations and standards to enhance not only the safety of consumers, but also the gaming experience in general.



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