Trump Gets Slammed in Front of His Own Casino by Hillary Clinton Hillary

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She said what to him?

Monday Hillary Clinton showed up at Donald Trump’s doorstep in order to mock the Republican presidential front-runner on the day before of the first Democratic presidential deliberate.
This appearance at the boisterous rally of the politically potent Culinary Workers Union was a win for Hillary.  This appearance let Hillary signal her support for the influential union while at the same time take aim at the Democratic party’s favorite foil.  The Culinary Workers Union which represents the casino and resort workers have been attempting to organize hotel employees as they invited all five of the candidates that were in town for the debate to attend the rally.
Out of the five candidates Hillary was the only one who showed up, dressed to the hilt in a red pantsuit that just so happened to match the crimson colored union shirts.  At this time she urged the workers of the casino to “say ‘NO’ to Donald Trump”
Clinton continued by stating the “some people say Donald Trump is entertaining.”  She than stated that she does not think it is entertaining when someone insults women or immigrants.
The Culinary Workers Union has been attempting to organize the Trump hotel for over a year; this began even before Trump leapt to the front of the Republican field with his tirades against illegal immigrants.  This union has stated that it has been approached by over 500 hotel restaurant workers as well as maids who have asked for representation.
“Donald Trump has stated “Make America Great,”” a housekeeper Maria Jaramillo who has been employed at the hotel for the past six years stated at the rally.  As the Hotel and Casino workers state, “Start it here!”
Trump stated that the union has been attempting to organize the hotel for many years and ultimately have been unsuccessful.  Trump also stated, “That there is an incredible group of employees who have ultimately rejected unionization.”