Tribes are Pushing for a Muskegon Casino

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Plans are in motion for getting the approval on a new casino.

Even though the likelihood of a casino in this area is slim to none, those tribes in the are continue to push for a Muskegon casino in the area. They want to stand tall when it comes to being one of the best providers of the area. In addition to this, this extra income can help their tribe out much more than it currently is. With the talk and turmoil of the casinos in the area, the tribes have nothing left to do but to push for the casino in the area.

Reasons for Owning the Casino

Since many other areas throughout the country are getting the casinos of their choice, this leaves many Native American tribes wanting to open their own as well, but with the rules and laws, even they are having a hard time getting the acceptance to push the casinos through the system, get the licensing that they need in order to run them and they go ahead to even start building or to open the doors to a casino that they work hard to put together.

While this might mean more cash for the area of Muskegon, it also means that many people of the area might actually fight against something like this. Many of the other areas had people that were both for and against the casino plans that were set in motion. Whether you’re for or against them, they are something that you really have to stand for. They are something that the tribe really feels will help the area, give back something to the community and cause the economy to be stimulated because of the new place they can go to spend their money.

The former Great Lakes Downs area is the prospective site to find the casino that they are pushing for. The tribe wants to be the ones that are in charge of running the operation, but the officials are not going for that and do not want to consider opening another casino throughout the states since they are already approving so many to begin with.

Do you think they will get the approval they need to open, or will continue having to fight for the casino?