There Was an Indictment in a Casino Cheating Case

There Was an Indictment in a Casino Cheating Case

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October 1, 2015

Two friends, and two dealers have been indicted on the cheating case that has been sweeping the nation for some time. The casino suspected something was happening with the couple when the casino was losing much more money than they should have been. In addition, the one player would win larger sums at the tables, the same tables his friends worked at, each and every night that he would come in to play his luck and skill at the tables of choice. The four together created this scheme to take more than $1 million in cash from the casino that was targeted.

The Details Surrounding the Case

At one of the posh casinos in Las Vegas, and over a two year period; the four managed to swindle the casino out of this cash from the craps tables. It was simple really. The plan consisted of botched cards, crooked dealers and players that were really not playing with any skill or luck at all. Since the amount was so much, this could get the thieves several years in prison due to the crime. While, the casino usually notices cheaters earlier on in the process, this was one case that went on for far too long before someone noticed or even said something about it.

Luckily for the casino, someone did notice it and mentioned what was going on. The casino then confirmed exactly what was happening and took the appropriate action. While they normally get around 300-500 cheaters each year and charge them with theft, this theft is much larger and more in depth then the other cheaters that they have found in the past.

The worse part about it is that the craps table dealers were in on it, which makes matters a bit worse. This could be charged on a whole different level for them, compared to the players that were working with them due to this being their place of employment. As for them being charged, we are waiting to hear back about a verdict that may or may not come through.




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