The Top 3 Secrets Casino Owners Don’t Want you to Know

The Top 3 Secrets Casino Owners Don’t Want you to Know

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Updated October 27, 2023

In the distant future, when historian are studying what will be known as ancient Western Society, they will wonder at one scrupulous human enterprise maybe more than any other, this enterprise is the money-sucking efficiency of casinos.

The way casinos have transformed the act of separating people from their money into such a phenomenon of accuracy as well as resourcefulness is every bit of an awe-inspiring as the marvel of the Egyptian pyramids.

As one former casino dealer stated he could give you a guaranteed method of going into a casino and leaving with a small fortune, go into that casino with a large fortune.  As this former casino dealer as well as other insiders know casinos only exist not only to take your hard-earned money but to keep as much of their money as possible.  This is done by both offering games that are what to be known as tilted in the house’s favor as well as having air-tight security that is designed to catch cheaters and thieves.

So the secrets have been revealed, not only are they juicy, but knowing abot them just may help you keep some of your money.

Some of the games are more of a rip off than other games, even by the casino standards

It is very common knowledge that just about every game that you will find in a casino is of course tilted in the house’s favor.  But some of these games are far worse than others.  Some of these games are actually designed so that you the player cannot win.

At the top of this list are what is known as carnival games, these are table games other than the traditional, craps, baccarat, as well as blackjack.  The games that give the house the advantage are three card pokers, Caribbean stud as well as Let it ride.

Some games you can find are “good” or at least they are better than others

There are some games that can be played that have a better chance of winning.  One of these is the traditional game of blackjack.  You are able to reduce the advantage that the house has by being a skilled player or even studying the game itself.  Another game is video poker.  Look for games that have a strategy, it doesn’t guarantee that you will win, you will just have a better chance at doing so.

Everything that you see in the casino is ultimately designed to keep you in the casino

Anyone who has ever been on the inside of a casino can tell you how easy it is to lose track of time while you are there as well as how much money you have lost while you have been there.  Ever notice how you cannot find a clock or even a window that will let you know that it is dark outside.  Some of these casinos have gone to great lengths to keep your interest on things inside the casino such as party pits and stripper poles.

Not to mention those free food offers they send out such as a $20.00 buffet free. Well think about this you go and get your exciting free buffet but lose $200.00 at the blackjack table… who is profiting from this.



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