The Last of the Chukchansi Casino Raid Defendant, Reaches a Settlement in the Case

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The very last of the 15 men who were arrested on 29 felony counts for raiding the office within the Chukchasi Gold Casino and Resort settled his case on Monday.


Vernon King who is a former tribal member, was permitted to settle his case without having to plea to trespassing.


Under this disposition agreement, this case will be again reviewed in 6 months.  If Vernon King has no new criminal charges placed against him, this case will be dismissed.


It is the same agreement that was reached in the last month for three of the 15 men which were tribal police officers.  These 3 men were also present the night that the raid occurred.


The conclusion of Vernon Kings case was an ultimate threat of a preliminary hearing as well as a jury trial in which he would have been sentenced to years in prison for his involvement in the office raid.


Members of the Tex McDonald faction as well as its tribal police and security officers forcible entered the casino in order to find documents the past two years of audits that were ultimately late being submitted to the Gaming Commission.


This raid ultimately led to 500 patrons as well as all the employees having to be evacuated.  No one was critically injured during this raid; even though an electrical shock device was engaged as well as some physical assaults were reported.


McDonald and King were the only two tribal council members that were arrested.  The others that were arrested were members of the security offers as well as the tribal police that were employed by McDonald.  Vernon King spent six months within the Madera County Jail waiting until Judge Dale Blea came to the conclusion that King would not be a danger if he were to be released.