The Detroit Casino Employees are in support of the strike option

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

In Detroit there are more than one thousand three hundred employees that are working at three different Casino’s within the Detroit area that have voted in favor of going on strike if their benefit, health care, as well as wage demands are not met.
These workers that are members of the Local 24 of the hospitality union had an overpowering vote that ultimately gave their leaders the overall power in order to call their members into a strike in order to come to a settlement in the contract being negotiated.
Keep in mind that this does not mean in no way that said union member workers will immediately walk off the job at MGM Grand, Greektown as well as MotorCity Casinos.  The employees will indeed remain at their perspective positions as the management of the casinos and the union leaders return to the negotiation table on November 9, 2015.
According to the Casinos Union Members Facebook page, more than 98 percent of the union members workers who have placed their vote have voted in favor of the up and coming strike proposal. The final count of the votes was totaled at one thousand three hundred sixty one who voted yes for the proposed strike, sixteen who voted no for the proposed strike, and one who voted not applicable.  This is an overwhelming vote in favor of the strike.
A call was left with the Union Leadership on Tuesday asking them for a comment on the vote that was counted as well as a comment on the negotiations at hand.
The Local 24 is the main union that has more than seven thousand five hundred food service, airport, hotel, as well as casino worker members in the Metro Detroit area.