Sweden Introduces Tougher Measures for iGaming

Sweden Introduces Tougher Measures for iGaming

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April 29, 2020

Swedish Social Security Minister Ardalan Shekarabi recently talked about imposing new regulations to licensed operators in the country.

Since, Svenska Spel, leading regulatory body in Sweden, has called on its licensees to accelerate applied measures. It’s important to state that these measures would be just temporary and in force during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shekarabi’s Suggestions

Shekarabi advised setting limits for deposits. According to the minister, they should not exceed SEK 5,000 (c. $500) a week. Additionally, operators should cap their bonuses with SEK 100 (c. $10). Finally, gambling brands should introduce mandatory limits for all customers before they start playing.

“We can’t look back in six months and say we did too little or too late,” Shekarabi said. He also issued the Spelinspektionen with a number extended assignments regarding responsible and safer gambling.

What’s Missing about Consumer Protection

Patrik Hofbauer, Svenska Spel’s president and CEO, explained the situation.

“The government’s measures are tough. It is difficult to interpret the proposals as anything other than a substantial underestimation of the gaming industry’s ability to present powerful measures themselves.”

Hofbauer also added that it wasn’t difficult to understand the Minister’s concerns. They at Svenska Spel had not noticed any effect such as increased risk play or layoffs.

Moreover, the authority must strengthen the supervision of players who provide illegal gambling.

Camilla Rosenberg, director general of Spelinspektonen, has talked about the matter.

Now there will be an even clearer focus on gaming responsibility and the fight against illegal gambling. We make immediate adjustments to the organisation in order to meet the new demands placed on the authority.”

Rosenberg also stated that a few firms in the industry had already taken the initiative and imposed new restrictions.

“The minister’s signals are clear: If the industry cannot resolve it on its own, it will result in political control. I hope it will be an awakening for those gaming companies that have shown a slight interest in constructive solutions.”



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