Southern Tier is Accepting New Casino Bids

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Tioga Downs is providing everyone with everything that they need gambling wise.

Tioga Downs seems to be the only casino that is still standing and wanting to keep the casino life going throughout the Southern Tier. Many of the other casinos have not had bids put in, even if the state is trying to put in a new casino in the area. No one wants to build in one of the buildings or a new one in the area. Perhaps Tioga Downs is too much competition that they do not want to deal with, or perhaps they just do not want to mess with the southern tier, and do not think that this is a lucrative place to have a casino. Whatever the reason, there have been little to no bids that came through.

A casino in the area, close enough to the other one for convenience and choice but far enough away so that it does not interfere, is going to boost the quality of the state and the area once they are put in. This is because the money going into the casino is going to go back into the state when it comes to providing something back for being able to own and operate a casino in the area.

The Reason Why 

No one, so far, has put in a bid and the bidding has been open for close to a week. No one has said or done anything about this, and no one feels like they have too when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is. The state officials are becoming quite discouraged and upset by not having anyone bidding on the project but when there is so much bankruptcy happening to the other casinos throughout the country, not everyone is going to jump at once to put up a new one and perhaps sink or swim when the time comes.

The casino might never open if they do not have someone that is willing to put in a bid and start a casino. This might be a problem and we are all curious as to what the officials are going to do if this is the case for the area. Tioga Downs is one for the area and it can continue to go on without a problem, but the officials want more in the area.