Potential Card Hack at Hard Rock

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Hard Rock was targeted as the next hacker attack.

Over an eight month period, the Hard Rock casino and hotel has reported that someone has hacked into the system and many credit card numbers might have been compromised during this attack. This is upsetting to those that have stayed within the hotel, or played within the casino during this time. Anyone that paid using a credit card or debit card should have them replaced, stopped or monitored to ensure that the hacker has not used the information on the card in any way.

They are unsure of who breached the system, but are looking into finding them and prosecuting them for the theft of the information from their systems. They are also currently looking at boosting the technological security on all of their systems to ensure that this is something that does not happen again to their patrons.

While they are not the only place that has had a hack such as this, recently Target and other major stores have had their security system breached, and credit cards that have had their numbers stolen, they are still taking every precaution possible to keep everyone safe. These are security measures that should be taken anyway, with any company that has ever gone through this.

While this is affected the entire place as a whole, the only numbers that were stolen were those that were used in the restaurants, shops and other outlets inside the hotel and casino, and not the hotel and casino itself. This means that those that booked a room, played in the casino and stayed with them should not be concerned, unless they used a card at one of the outlets throughout the area.

The malware that was used to hack into this system was the same that hacked into the others in the sections. This is something that they have to consider when it comes to ways to beat the hackers, the malware and make sure to recognize it, should it come back up in the future for the retail chains and others throughout the world that might be affected by it.