Passionate Debate, No Vote for Alabama Gambling Bill

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Everyone has something to say on the subject in Alabama.

With all of the new casinos going up throughout the country, it is no wonder that those without casinos are debating on whether or not they should pass a bill to put one or two up. Not only are there pros to having a casino in a state, but there are cons. When it comes to long time religious states that have their own point of views on things such as gambling, and so on; the debate gets a bit more heated than it should because everyone living there has their own opinion and point of view that they want to put out there before a decision is made on whether or not it should go through.

The Large Debate

Alabama is one of those states that has a long time standing against gambling and casinos, so naturally, placing one in the state might not be the best solution. Many people have spoken about their outrage on the decision to even bring up the idea of passing a bill such as this one in their state. There are people that would enjoy having them, and it would mean new jobs and income for the state and cities. However, many people feel that this is a bad thing to do because it might ruin their beliefs that they have worked so hard to protect throughout the recent years.

Not only does Alabama not have casinos, but they also do not do a state lottery. They do not do any type of gambling what so ever, because of the views that the state has had for some time. Some people are looking towards a change in the state. Times have changed, and people are willing to go with the flow. Not all of them, but some of them. Even just a lottery is what people are asking for. Something that can help but also something that allows them to have a dollar and a dream, like so many other people throughout the country have access too, that Alabama does not.

As of right now though, they are debating but not voting when it comes to the casinos that they are thinking of putting in the area.