PA Landowners Not Getting the Tax Break They Thought They Would be Getting

PA Landowners Not Getting the Tax Break They Thought They Would be Getting

Staff Writer
September 15, 2014

When it comes to getting a tax break, everyone knows that this can be one of the most rewarding things out there because it takes the stress out of having to pay so much back. However, those that were promised a large tax break when a new casino was put on their land, in their city in Pennsylvania are not exactly happy with just how much their tax break is.

Even with the money that the casino is bringing in, it is not putting a dent on any of the tax bills that the residents have. This is a problem for many of them since they want to be able to catch up – they were also offered a break, but this is something that, if anything, seems to be escalating more out of control and the tax payers are now feeling hopeless, if not more so than before the casino was put in.

Their tax burden has showed that over the past five years, has increased over 12 percent. It is supposed to be decreasing as time moves ahead. Many of the low income seniors of the area are receiving high chunks, but the homeowners are only saving an average of $150 each year on their taxes – which is not a big cut, not enough to make a difference and help them get ahead.

The officials for the state said they were true on their word for delivering tax breaks for the homeowners, but their initial thought and goal was to help out those low income seniors throughout the area – because they felt that was the biggest improvement that needed to be made. School taxes are also going down around $50 each year, as well which the officials state that this is a big change and a big cut. The citizens of the state however, do not feel the same way.

Many people, even those that work in the government state that the tax relief program that went with the casino is a joke, just one big charade that never happened. This seems to be a problem with a lot of homeowners and residents in the area.



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