Not Guilty Plead on Charges of Casino Land

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Lightbody to plead not guilty in court.

Previously, a story unfolded about a landowner that was working with a man that had strong connections to the mafia and was discharged from ever dealing with a casino, or anything else like it in the future. Well, now the man that was thought to be covering for him is getting his day in trial. During this time, he plead not guilty to the charges that were brought against him.
The client is arranging a very big defense to show that he did not commit any wrong doing and that he was not involved in a scheme with others to acquire the land for the casino and then use it for wrong doings.
The Trial 
The state has a large books of laws when it comes to using this type of land for something other than what it was made for – which can cause a big upheaval when someone that is supposed to be purchasing the land for that use, is actually in on a scheme to use it for mafia uses and other related illegal actions. This is why this man is now on the stand and has to make sure that he has a defense to back him up, since the prosecutors have information against him.
The man’s name is Lightbody and he has been a known associate of the mafia in the area. He is currently awaiting trial, and cannot go out past 9 at night, and has to stay in the house until 7 in the morning. He has to wear a tracking device, and is never able to leave the area that he lives in, unless it is to go to work or other nearby areas. The police and law enforcement groups are doing everything in their power to ensure that the area stays safe and away from any illegal happenings.
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