NJ Asks NY to Reject Sterling Forest Casino

NJ Asks NY to Reject Sterling Forest Casino

Staff Writer
September 24, 2014

New Jersey Senate officials are asking NY to reject the proposed casino plans that are going to be going into the Sterling Forest area. Not only are they concerned with the traffic and noise pollution that is going to go into the area if the casino is put up, but they are also worried about the quality of their drinking water. This new site is a bit upsetting for those that border the land between New York and New Jersey and are concerned about these impacts.
New Jersey is Being Affected
The state of New Jersey is affected by the way that the casino is going to affect not only the environment around it, but also how it might effect the neighborhoods that are around the area. This is something that the Senate has been hearing a lot about from the people in those neighborhoods and they are hoping that they can stop the construction and approval of the casino before it is started. As for now, they are still talk about the possibility throughout New York, but they are concerned about what New Jersey has to say – so the new casino plans are up in question.
With nine other proposed plans in the works, New Jersey is hoping they can either find a different plot of land for this proposed site or if they can change one of the others to add this new casino. Of course, many people are upset about not being able to enjoy the fair that is usually held in the Sterling Forest plot of land that the casino is supposed to be going. This was something that didn’t make the people of the area – or even those that work or frequent the festival angry because they depend on the festival every year for a good time, or for their livelihood. This is making New York really consider their proposals and casinos plans but haven’t came to a definite conclusion as of yet.
For additional updates on the proposed areas of casinos throughout New York, keep checking back. We are always updating the information regarding the New York casino proposals.



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