New Casino to Replace Manila Army and Navy Club is Approved by PAGCOR

New Casino to Replace Manila Army and Navy Club is Approved by PAGCOR

Staff Writer
August 19, 2015

Within the Philippines the casino business has been rising at a fast pace as the government wants to persuade gambling establishments to set up operations within the country and capitalize on the fall of Macau’s gambling industry. Many casino establishments are very willing to make use of the government’s enticement and are now searching to purchase prime real estate.

Within recent reports it has been suggested that the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has given its authorization for a casino to be built in Manila on the land where the historic Army and Navy Club was located. Although there is no certified documentation on the time of this clubs founding, there has been verification that it was first opened in 1898 and known to be the first American social club built in Manila.

In 1991 the National Historical Commission of the Philippines labeled this club a national and historical landmark, at this time the Manila government took over ownership of this land.  From this time forward this land has changed hands several times including to the Oceanville Hotel and Spa Corporation on a lease basis.  At a later time there was a sub-lease on this property as it was handed over to the Vanderwood Management Corporation who in turn leased out a part of this site to PAGCOR.

An anonymous official stated that PAGCOR has determined to issue a license to a gambling operation that would use the property to construct a casino.  If everything goes without a problem the casino is intended to open its doors to the public in 2017.  This official also stated that PAGCOR had violated several laws in order to hand over this historical land to a gambling establishment.

PAGCOR has also breached the Philippine procurement law which is also known as the Republic Act 9184 as well as the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 stated this official.  The Republic Act 9184 has been debased because under this law only the unconditional owner of the land has the right to rent or sell the land and the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 was debased because a historical landmark is being turned into a gambling establishment.



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