“Neighborhood Bar of a Casino” Maryland’s First Open Casino Celebrates

“Neighborhood Bar of a Casino” Maryland’s First Open Casino Celebrates

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September 1, 2015
The casino's anniversary is coming up, and they are planning a party.

September marks the anniversary for Maryland’s first publically opened casino. Hollywood Casino is heralded as the first casino in Maryland and will be making a big deal about the next few weeks. Known as the “neighborhood bar of a casino” by the general manager who insist his staff makes every encounter personable. The casino is owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc. and they have created a HollyWood themed complex that originated with slot machines but added tables as recent as 2013. The casino has grown vastly in a short period of time and has become a staple in the area since opening.

Slots in Maryland were outlawed in 1960 and it took until 2008 for legislation to legalize gambling in the city. In 2008 they constructed the 32,000 square foot casino with over 800 slot machines. Over the next few years additions to the complex have made it one of the most popular spots in the area. The addition of 12 poker tables and 10 tables for other popular card games has been nothing but a positive for the expansion of the history breaking casino. Investors are still looking to gather funding for construction of meeting rooms and private dining parties.

The complex also is home to Celebrity Bar & Grill, a gift shop and Extras Café. With the celebration coming the casino expects large crowds and will be taking donations for Habitat for Humanity that the casino will match with a free $100 free play card. There is nothing better than gambling for free. Also players will have the opportunity to win cash prizes up to $100 which is the first in the casino short history. HollyWood is one of the few casinos in the growing area but holds a great respect for knocking down the walls. The will celebrate throughout the month of September with more events to come on the 27th. Good news for the industry.



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