More Slots for the Suburbs of Chicago

More Slots for the Suburbs of Chicago

Staff Writer
May 6, 2015

With the push for a new casino in the works for Chicago, this could also mean new slots for the suburbs of the city. They are thinking that if the casino itself is put in, it is not giving those residents enough chances or things to play. They want to make sure that they go all out, and add all of the extras along with it. Without the city getting cash that is needed to fix the area, and make sure that they have good revenue, strong revenue coming in then they might find themselves in serious debt.

The Word is

That the law makers are seriously considering this casino as a source of the revenue that the city needs in order to ramp up the updates and work that needs to be done. Not only that, but the programs that the city offers can also be perfected through the revenue that is going to come from the casinos.

Many of the other cities and areas have already decided to put the casino into effect, and have tried to consider moving up and adding more since the revenue from the current ones are doing so good. However, there are areas where the over saturation of casinos has gotten to them and means that they are not making nearly enough money as they thought they would, and the promise of a grand casino is going down the drains.

Take Atlantic City for instance, many of the casinos that were once on the strip, are no longer there. This is because times were tough on these casinos. While many of them get great service throughout the year, many of them are forgotten. Then comes the recession, where many businesses were finding it hard to get people to come in and shop with them, much less having casinos that were open and ready to have people play.

Without the right amount of interest in casinos, there is not going to be revenue coming from them. They are trying to decide what is the best thing to do for the city, and the people that live within it and then go from there on whether or not the plans will be approved.



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